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Marketing with QR Codes

Evergreen QR Code Rotational Information

The nature of QR Codes makes the code a viable platform to distribute on a rotational or specific information basis.

Information is publicized by the minute, day, week, monthly or seasonal, updating customers on the move.  This evergreen, recyclable form of advertising will cut marketing  costs once initial set-up is completed.

Digital Device has inbuilt QR Code Scanner

Mobile devices have an inbuilt camera to scan a QR code taking the customer directly to relevant information.

Digital Service Providers should assist potential customers on where to obtain the scanner reader app. Advice on where free apps are distributed online for devices, remember many clients are unaware on how scanning works. A short detailed guide in the form of an infographic, may be the answer to accessing information quickly.

Monetization of QR Code Marketing

How to commercialize with a QR Codes depends entirely on the type of business, for example;

1.  Corporate business may find business cards with a QR Code effective. QR Code would Store applicable information pertaining to the individual, reflecting credentials and contact numbers.

2.  Retailers may decide on discounted Summer or Winter fashions reflecting range of products.

3.  Food outlets have discounted rates breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Why and How QR Codes are made easily accessible to Small Business

  • QR Codes are able to store massive amounts of data, and small businesses do not need to own a website. Website storage is contained by the Digital Service Provider, business expense is applied to advertising costs.
  • What is expected; the small business prepares detailed advertising required within the QR code. Information is then transferred, hosted and maintained on your behalf at a fair rate.
  • A QR Code is generated and supplied to the business for printing. Business decides on the Print Company and method of distribution.
  • Suggested solutions is to advertise in magazines, on fridge magnets, coffee mugs, T-shirts, business cards, flyers, any form of advertising material the business regularly uses.
  • Once printed the content may alter behind the QR code, making it an evergreen advertising communication.

Some Ideas to Consider on where to use QR Code Marketing

Ideas that come to mind, a table menu in food outlets could have a QR Code game running in store, customers scan and get a discount off the meal.

Fridge magnet QR Code advertising extending special discounted prices on seasonal advertising such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day specials. When the customer is looking for a gift they remember the gift of the fridge magnet you issued, scan the QR Code to see what specials the store is offering.

Modern day shopping is beginning on a digital device, saving time, saving money obtaining facts before making a purchase.

Making offers available when the customer is ready, having a printed QR Code allows the customer to see what is on offer before visiting the shop.


Thought for today: “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ― Anthony Robbins

Infographics for Blogs and Social Media

Infographics are simply put, visual or picture format representations of data.

Infographics serve the purpose of clarifying and communicating complex ideas through a widely accessible medium.

A well-designed infographic is an incredibly effective way to distill the concepts of a highly-specialized field.

Examples can be found in computer science, math, statistics, biology, placed into a form that can be understood by almost anyone.

Image representation is a big part of the current world of graphic design and Infographics are growing in popularity across the web like wild fire.

This is not a new concept, in fact, infographics have been an important part of visual culture for most of human history.

Historical Examples

People have been using pictures to represent ideas for millennia, and the most effective attempts have become important artifacts of the collective human heritage.

Rock art of southern Africa is different from that of the central and northern zones, it is not homogenous. There is, for example, great diversity between the art of the Matopo Hills in Zimbabwe, the Brandberg in Namibia, and the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. Nevertheless, scholars have suggested that a great deal of San art throughout southern Africa may be explicitly and implicitly linked to San shamanic religion.

Modern maps, especially route maps for transit systems, using infographics is a technique used to integrate a variety of information.

Take a look at railway networks like the London Underground where maps are found on the trains, on the platforms and in tourist books. This is to assist people in making a decision whilst on the go, some even include featured landmarks.

Infographics have become a tool for internet marketers and companies, especially when using Social Media like Pinterest, Facebook or LinkedIn, to create content that others will link to, like and share, thus boosting a company’s reputation and online presence

Some great tips for designing infographics:

  •     Keep it simple! Don’t try to do too much in one picture.
  •     Decide on a colour scheme.
  •     Research some great facts and statistics.
  •     Think of it as a visual essay: ensure your arguments hold and         are relevant.
  •     Remember that it’s all about quickly conveying the meaning     behind complex data.
  •     Draw conclusions.
  •     Reference your facts in the infographic.
  •     Include your URL so people can be sure who made it.

Creating Your Infographics

  •     Plan and research.
  •     If required, use free software to create simple graphs and visual images of data.
  •     Use vector graphic software to bring these visualisations into the one graphic.

Ultimately, if you have a little design skill, the very best approach is to create all the simple graphs and illustrations yourself using vector graphic software. Your end result will be more visually attractive and you will have more freedom to be creative with it.

Social Media loves this picture sharing of knowledge just take a look at Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and see who are sharing content in an Infographic format.

Attached is a visual image of a Workshop in Marketing for PA’s to be held in Durban, showcasing what a small business is able to do using this type of information.

Infographics - Is your PA your secret Marketing weapon?

Is Your Personal Assistant your Secret Marketing Weapon? Infographics a really great way to communicate!

Pinterest 2 Blogging

Pinterest Add a PriceWhy People are flocking to Pinterest is it a Blogging Must Have?

  • Very easy to use – no bells and whistles so click here to learn how to add Pinterest to your social portfolio
  • Expression of who you are and what you love, that includes your blogging passion
  • Can highlight your passions, places you’ve travelled, wishlists, decorating ideas add your blog incentives
  • Is longer lasting – on Facebook or Twitter, where images are gone within a few days or hours
  • Is NOT a place for over self-promotion, done correctly add your products and services

What is Pinterest the nitty gritty

  • Pinterest is a social network, one which is very visually focused and allows for easy sharing click here to see some Stats
  • Pinterest allows you to create virtual bulletin boards or scrapbooks of images that you like… you “pin” these images to your boards. You can also “re-pin” from the boards of others
  • Easy way to curate, share and discover new interests and great ideas

Caution Time Thief, Blogging is Time Driven

  • Blogger Beware this is completely addictive but also very enjoyable, promote and share having fun fun fun
  • People spend HOURS on Pinterest, pinning and repinning
  • If you’re like me, you thought, “Oh no, yet another social network.”
  • Before long, I realized as a social media marketer, I couldn’t possibly avoid it, all my friends are there!

Traffic the reason Bloggers should not ignore Pinterest

  • If you have a “Pin It” button on your pages, then every single pin that comes from your site will have a link with a source
  • By having a link to your site on the bottom of each pin, this allows pinners to encounter your content and visit your blog in one click
  • Visits to your blogging site could mean lead generation!

Selling on Pinterest in your Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

  1. Watermark your images
  2. Make descriptions key-word rich
  3. Add “$” to product description
  4. List contact info
  5. Pin descriptions in “gift” items stick with the image, unlike comments