During 1979 we decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and locate on the coast, the salary drop was drastic, greater than one third of our earnings, the difference remains approximately the same to-date. At that time I had been employed within secretarial and administration, Hubby is a Photolithographer by trade. We loved the lifestyle in the greater Durban coastal area, 1982 our first son was born. I had a panic attack, the lower earnings, a baby and moved back to Johannesburg. The furniture movers, still unpacking the truck; were booked to come and collect us to return to the coast in six months, when the lease had expired on the rental…

Back at the coast we purchased our first home and settled, (now twenty-five years) and our second son was born in 1984. During 1987 I had to go back to work, fearing for my own sanity and started back on the bottom rung. Learning Lotus,  Walker system, first ‘online’ to a head office. Progression to PC’s,  DOS under Novell servers.  Slowly and consistently going back to study further, enabling growth from within, allowing me to share my knowledge. Seeing technology move toward computerization,  I purchased a home computer in 1992, RJ wrote “hangman” type questions from school literature for my boys to learn how to utilize the computer and study at the same time. Best investment made, computer got named “Betsy”, we learned how to deal with DOS, new software and hardware.

During 1998 we heard of  Y2K compliance and Windows,  moving with technology!  I felt lost for awhile, so back to the studies, A+ course and Windows course. One certainty in life is learning,  get on-board or else you loose out.

Currently RJ has to book time and I am on my journey to being an entrepreneur, the creative side and knowledge on this journey has been extensive, with Hubby at my side and his artistic flare, my eldest son an avid IT guy,  the other a talented marketer having studied entrepreneurship, all stand firmly by my side and give me the strength to follow my goals and ambitions.

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8 comments to Durban

  • Rob Stewart

    Your life is definitely not without excitement. Your goals will be realised.

  • Lena Khalid

    Hi Joan – Great to see you online. I was “cleaning up” my follower lists on twitter and noticed that I was listed in :-)

    Great story here and thanks for sharing it. I am sure with the full support from the “Force” ( hubby and son)… YOU CAN DO IT!

    To your success in 2010.

  • Lavette Herrea

    But what makes Durban other is that our diverse cultures all exert an equal influence at the via forming collective culture of the city. And whilst the melting pot is a defining section of twenty first century lifestyles on the planet, there are few puts where folks from such other backgrounds are living in combination in harmony, with no need to sacrifice their individual issues of view.

  • Salley Tarrants

    Nice website, I like it, but it looks a little out of layer when using chrome browser, keep it moving:)

  • Ferdinand Willingham

    The Durban Metropolitan Area is the primary economic motive force in KwaZulu-Natal, contributing over part of the province’s output, employment and income. In national phrases, Durban is 2nd one so much necessary economic complex after Gauteng, accounting for 15% of national output, 14% of household income and eleven% of nationwide employment. Regional building corridors link Durban northwards to Richards Bay and Maputo, and westward to Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.

  • Hi thanks for comments added to Durban, it is a great city and now the FIFA 2010 is over, let this beautiful country of ours blossom and grow.

  • Tom Laing

    Thanks for sharing Joan

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