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My business venture is to learn online and teach what I have discovered.

There are many pitfalls you “surf” into, without being any the wiser. It takes a lot of research, before you find the genuine people who can teach you the ropes, without blatantly ripping you off, and believe you me there are “guru’s” trying to make a quick “buck”, don’t become a victim.

Affiliate Marketing is my goal for this year, currently you are here on my first blog! BlogBizBuzz, the blog about business online and the buzz currently happening.

  • Recommendations to the market place, are ones that I currently use and find to be of good standing.
  • My marketing technique will be solely on what I have tried and tested and will go into in depth explanations, my experience with people whom I have contact with, and find to be knowledgable instructors in their market.

Should I interpret any such persons incorrectly, I will make every endeavour to correct mis-information immediately via my posts.  Being from an international corporate company background, with language and/or other variances in translation, please notify me of my errors, my favourite saying is “The person who does not make mistakes – is not working”! So please feel free, it is never intentional, preconceived nor a gimmick – just notify me and I will make the correction.

From the rolling green hills of KwaZulu-Natal, where our summers are hot and humid, but the winters are the reason why we live in this beautiful part of our country. I welcome one and all to join this venture, assisting each other, connecting with one another and making a difference wherever possible.

I look forward to communication………………

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