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In the first six months all I had achieved was a Resume for obtaining online work. A business plan (which has been altered on numerous occasions) and absolutely no idea how to go about setting up! In fact I didn’t even know what I was trying to achieve. It is similar to riding an “out of control roller coaster”. I had an idea of a name in blog business information which became BlogBizBuzz where you are currently visiting.

Information overload and everyone is making millions of Dollars.  Flashy cars, holidays, work an hour a day, completely off track and lost on the internet, afraid of scams.  Hey, been there, done that and got the “Noddy” badge for having tried.

Extremely frustrated – “work-at-home” – “data-capture” – “make millions online” and being lead about by the nose! Paying to go through Portal’s to obtain work? Being South African, not able to get paid through certain online banking systems? Your part of the world making it difficult to secure data-capture, surveys and such type work on line?

No way was I going to give up, months of research relating to all the above “I said, to hell with it” back to basics, go local and see what is available.

Lo and behold, I found South African and Australian sites extremely uplifting, totally knowledgeable which immediately left me with the feeling of honesty, integrity, business ethics, and a support base. No flipping “Guru’s”.

A great sense of needing direction was all consuming! Albeit most successful internet marketers have been practicing their trade for many years, there must be a way of learning. During December 2008 I joined various online sites with whom I felt comfortable. These will be introduced.

The journey into internet marketing is no easy road, there is a lot to learn and I have to pull myself back to reality every now and again when I go “socializing”, where I tend to lose a lot of time! However,  absolutely find loads of information and assistance from extremely delightful people, who are there because they too love the niche they are in.

Please do not assume that I understand and implement everything I have read – yet!  I think the knowledge that I have stumbled onto is something I wish to share to assist others saving themselves from extreme frustration. If you have a question I will try to assist in answering, or assist in finding an answer.

Your decision……….

Take the plunge without the knowledge and end up “walking square circles” or build slowly; learning from those who have been there!  Want to have your own blog, promote products for yourself or others, then hang on it will be here soon.

Thanks for being here, please leave a comment.


Quote of the day:

“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself – is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?” – Author Unknown

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