Reason for owning a web site or blog

To own a web site or not, what is the objective in owning a web site, what do you wish to achieve?

  • We entrepreneurs and small companies are finding it difficult to separate hype from reality.
  • It is recommended to assess whether this way of marketing is right for use in our commercial activity.
  • Think the process through, before making any decisions, below are some ideas to take into account.

Does a small company need to have a Web site?

Will your commercial activity benefit by developing and maintaining your own Web site. It is important to realize that this form of marketing is not for everyone.  Please consider the following:-

•    Are your customers online?
If your customer’s buy digital products or get information via the internet, you need to be there! If your
customers, clients get most of their information from other places, such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines, trade shows, etc. Then concentrate your efforts into areas where your customer’s or future clients are accessing their information from.

•    Reaching a National/International customer base efficiently.
The internet by its very nature has a broad reach, so if you are looking at local marketing you may need to plan a more targeted approach. For example; a home contractor (electrician, plumber), based in a suburban environment may not appreciate the full benefits of a Web site, because the servicing is directed at a very much targeted clientele.

A wine manufacturer on the other hand, contributing to national or international selling, would be in a  better position to take advantage of a Web site to target overseas customers or clients across a  continent.

•    Owning a Web site supports your marketing objectives and your budget.
Your site needs to be fully integrated into your marketing plan and budget, (cash flow projection).  It is important to also use all the tools at your disposal, have a consistent message in all stationery used.  Business cards, domain name, letter head, email signature, invoices, orders etc. Advertise whenever and wherever possible!

•    A Web site can take the place of, or be more efficient than, other marketing options.
An online site can give your customers immediate access to information that might take them days or  weeks  to otherwise obtain.

For example, a commercial photographer or writer who puts a portfolio on the Web can direct potential  client  to his/her site. Saving on the expense of sending his/her portfolio to each job application found  advertised.

•    Commitment to your site.
Web sites and especially Blogs require constant attention. Are you willing to keep it “fresh” adding new content at least once a  month?  Do you have the time and money to support a site? Eager are willing, but may not be technically minded, this would require you hiring someone to assist you, can you afford to outsource? The are consideration to take into account or your time and efforts may be in vain.

Liken it to a sport, you take a couple of weeks to get fit  and then lay off for a few days. You then have to start back at square one, to get fit again.

It takes commitment and passion to succeed.


Closing thought to reflect upon:

“Do what you can, with what you have , where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

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