Small enterprise vs large companies

Level the playing field? Small enterprise versus larger competitors

Yes, a professional looking Web site can make your enterprise look larger than it is. With careful planning and implementation, your Web site can actually give the feeling of being extremely professional and gain a competitive advantage.

Show off your expertise, in a sport, a hobby, consulting service. Sharing your knowledge, you can position yourself as an expert, attract customers, interest them in your products and/or services.

One way to make you appear professional and well structured, is to have your own domain name. A Web address of <> is much easier to find.

Not only does this present a professional image to using a sub-address, of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or online service <> it is more descriptive as to what your service is. This will help customers to find you among the many other online Web sites.

Cost of registering your domain is minimal, and many Internet Service Providers will host your site under that name for a small monthly fee. Talk to your Internet Service Provider about how to do this. Another bonus is, when your site is successful you can sell the site, or re-register for another year.

A domain name purchased belongs to you, this helps in making decisions going into the future. It is your “real estate”!

Should you plan on setting up your own Web site? The knowledge gained by building at least one site from the roots up, enables you to understand the inner workings and requirements of a site. Should you decide to outsource later, you will be able to make better decisions.

This is a personal decision and I strongly urge that you take it slowly, read, and join forums, for guidance and advice. Take a look at the numerous Hosting companies, Domain Name purchase and prices available.

Estimate how much it will cost you to build your site, also take a look into what costs are involved to have a site developed for you. Be aware of flashing banners and pop-up ads on the site, many sites globally do not support this form of technology.  A new customer will leave your site if it takes longer than five seconds approximately to load.

Structure a business plan (marketing strategy), formulate your plan of action. Learn as you grow and grow as you learn, there is a lot of advice to be found online.


Closing thought: “Don’t ask for a light load, rather ask for a strong back.” – Author Unknown

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  • Dan Waldron

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

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