Stampede to your blog?

Putting up a Web site, people will stampede to your company

– Don’t believe it….

You need to encourage traffic through active promotion, both on the internet and within  your traditional marketing. Take a look at sites similar to what you envisage you would like to achieve, get ideas from the layout, and take a look at what makes them popular.

Register your Web site with all the major search engines. There are also a number of services that could do registration of your URL with multiple engines and directories for a small fee.  Be aware, that while these services will get your site listed, you will lose control over how you want your site described.

Once you are established you may wish to arrange exchange links, banner ads with non-competitors who have complementary services and/or products. Send an email to the Web Master at the site you want to link with, offer a reciprocal linking arrangement. Be sure to stress the mutual benefits derived from creating this link in your note.  Swap links with similar business, giving you free banner advertising directly proportional to how much you put on your Web site.

Put your Web site address in all your ads, in your product brochures, on your business-cards, onto your letterhead – support your URL on all your marketing literature.  Include it in the signature file on email delivered out, so customers can automatically jump from your message to your Web site.

Join in on social sites find like minded people in your niche and enjoy the fun side of marketing making new friends.  Be warned it is so much fun – take care not to get “lost” in there!


Thought of the day:  “What’s done is done. You can’t change the past. So look ahead or risk being left behind.”  –  Author Unknown

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