Marketing into the future

Hi, today I would like to introduce an absolute gem in marketing information.

Presenting the Rob Toth brainchild!

Seventy-two expert interviews, participation via telephone, dynamic independent, international marketers, presented with three questions, resulting in two hundred and sixteen answers. Stacks of info for people in marketing every day, great IDEAS to use in your business.

Rob Toth’s three explosive questions:-

1.     Vision and Predictions – going into the future.
2.     No 1 Success Tip – from each candidate – you have to hear these.
3.     Pitfalls and Challenges – obstacles we come across in marketing today.

Before I go into anymore detail if you want to shoot straight away, hit this link…….

Talk about being in a candy store, I would like  to mention a few of the marketers sharing their experiences; Alex Goad, Andy Duncan, Brian McElroy, Carrie Wilkerson, Dr Mike Woo Ming, Ewen Chia, Michael and Sylvie Fortins, Gary Ambrose, Jeff Mills, Lisa Preston, Mike Dillard,  Paul Colligan, with oh so much more sweet advice.

These interviews cover the “how, what, why and when” of marketing today. Implement just some of these suggestions, the rewards could be growth leading onto greater earnings.

Let’s play  “Devil’s Advocate”:-

•    Coping with the recession? Is now the right time to take calculated risks? Why not, streamline your marketing, plan, collate your thoughts. Be aware as to what you may require to accomplish your goals, you could be wasting time and money, unwittingly.

•    Need to alter your marketing strategy?  Possibly yes, reassess your plan from time to time. Markets are constantly changing because people change. Your customers alter the methods of how they would like to acquire their merchandise. For example last year you preferred a printed magazine, delivered to your house. This year, “going green” to assist with unnecessary paper waste and the cutting down of trees, you go online and subscribe for the same magazine online.  Change is inevitable.

•    Not too sure of where to start? OK – this encompasses a variety of 72 expert suggestions all in one place, for example multi-media, micro information, niche marketing. Listen and make a lot of notes as to what would suit your customers. Marketing is how well you know your customer, the more you know, equals growth, the building blocks of all enterprise. Being large or small in the marketing environment, the information you have concerning your customers is your ticket to success.

I listened and am still listening (there is a lot to absorb) and I highly recommend this series of mind blowing advice. It is surprising how we over complicate, or procrastinate, when we should be building a sales funnel and concentrating on growing our company.  Make notes, try some of these ideas, you will be pleasantly surprised, of that I am certain.

Place yourself ahead of your competitors, just by having a proven strategy.

Thank you for reading, to re-cap, the three hard-hitting questions.

•    Vision and Prediction
•    The No 1 Success Tips
•    Pitfalls and Challenges

Thank-you Rob for being a fantastic host, and presenting an amazing series from experts with advice, for all of us in marketing.

To you and your marketing team, I wish you every success and trust that this information will help you over any hurdles you may come across.

I leave you with my uTube video, which LOL is the first attempt, not the last – it is marketing so learn to laugh at yourself with others, all good fun.




Thought of the day:

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a Gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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  • Daria Skye

    I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective on it is diametrically opposed to what I read in the first place. I am still pondering over the various points of view, but I’m leaning heavily toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so great about modern-day democracy and the marketplace of thoughts on-line.

  • Pepe Jeans Kids

    Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things.

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