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OK, so now that the laughter has subsided a little. (I hope) There is no doubt that using different methods within marketing, is what is needed.

You may not have all the “bells and whistles” that top marketers can afford, it should not stop you. I have in my possession a small inexpensive camera/microphone for teleconferencing.

Top Marketers advice, as well as some jacked up online mentors, the all round recommendation is use what you have available, just get going!

Unless you are an accomplished speaker, this is not going to be  easy the first time around. Your nerves get “going”, don’t know why, since only your beloved dogs are in the room. You forget what you were about to say “mid-sentence” and worst of all, trying to put the idea out of your head, that you must be crazy! Hey life is full of crazies, some even run countries, so what the heck.

Sanity prevails, you have a lot to offer, you have been in corporate world for a long time. No matter what medium you are end up using, if your knowledge can help just one other person, you have accomplished what you set out to do.

That is what I am here for, sharing knowledge and if this is how is is done, then knuckle down and give it a try.

Using u-Tube, plus writing a descriptive article on what is to be found within marketing information into the future. The  information was presented in two different formats. Top international marketers are using up to four or five various methods, selling one article.

My reasoning is, before setting up your own blog or site, you must know what you are letting yourself into. Listen to as many experienced people in the field to obtain a “feel” of what is required.

Once you know your customer, you are totally confident within yourself, your next steps forward will be very much easier.

Hanging around in forums and working with three extremely experienced Mentor’s, it has taken me six months to just settle down and decide how to move forward. In the mean time, my blog was being neglected, for which I apologize! I was emotionally swinging from one idea to another and not keeping myself grounded.

Jumping out of the nine to five behind a desk situation, and now fending for yourself, you tend to loose your nerve. Spend a little extra time documenting all your emotions, and thoughts onto paper for a couple of weeks on what you wish to accomplish.

We all have an interest in a variety of topics, find a couple of topics and select the strongest to build a blog on. Not knowing what topic you want to build on is most probably the hardest decision to make, since it leaves you feeling inadequate and hesitant to continue. Ignore the outside clatter and follow your instinct.

In other words put the “horse before the cart”, you may change your mind again, but you started off with a solid platform of information.


Closing thought for the day: “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world” – Unknown

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