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Help – I need somebody, help me if you can!

I think a lot of us feel that way, just don’t know where to turn, WELL I have found that somebody and he really saved my butt on one or two occasions.

Tim Junck is an American dude who lives in Malaysia, when I was looking to get help with the below mentioned product launch.

Marketing Information into the Future

Tim was the person I was introduced to, as the technical guy to set up the site. This was accomplished, including having to navigate around Click Bank within a short time frame.

From my first introduction to Tim, I have got to know him pretty well. As a technical go-to guy I have no qualms recommending him to others requiring assistance online.

Listed below are some of the tasks Tim has performed for me on my site, without his guidance, I would surely still be singing the same old tune:-

  • Auto responder : Tim has guided me through this quagmire, I got confused with mail offered within cPanel, gmail and aWeber totally. A step by step clean up of all mail ensued, directing all  mail into one box for clarity. I learned a lot, being able to chat as we worked through the problems, I started realizing the virtual route, and Bob’s your Aunty!
  • Squeeze pages, Thank You pages and how to set them up, another huge learning curve! We are getting there slowly but surely and now building a  list.
  • cPanel working with Word Press, I have been “walked through” how to work directly in cPanel. I was totally unaware of what cPanel could do and was downloading and uploading everything via FTP. It sounds like “six of one” and “half a dozen” of the other, but anything that saves time, saves you money. PS: They have great stats in there for you to use.
  • Banking : Adding buttons and checking the accounts are being directed to the correct place, is one of my nightmares. Within minutes, Tim is able to confirm the setup, check for any problems and make the necessary corrections, this would have taken me forever. Good old Doubting Thomas!
  • Upgrading my WP platform together with a new Theme, turned my back for a minute and “wallah” finished, (to my amazement!) Checked all the “bells and whistles” worked, and I was on the road again with an upgrade completed.
  • Now I am able to go and clean up files, add bits of info and swan around my site without the hidden gremlins bothering me. Even managed a further upgrade, sorted out plugins and fiddled about.  Why, cause I have Tim just a chat away and he will bail me out if I mess it up.
  • RAP system installation onto site, Tim generally has an all round knowledge and definitely knows his way around various software programmes. Trust Me I do not know all of what Tim has under his belt, so why not ask him?
  • Google Apps another setup and explanation on how to use, to make life easier.
  • Weekly teleconferencing a group of us get together all like-minded friends, for approximately a one hour session every week. Great fun discussing what you accomplished over the past week, and what your plan is for the week ahead.

This helps to set your targets and keeps you on track. (It also assists Tim to plan where he will fit in to assist you!)

Obstacles tend to ruin our confidence, I needed to move forward! Fully aware technical help is but a call away, I settled and started to achieve more.

When you work on our own, it is comforting to know you can help one another to overcome any challenges you may face. A word of encouragement, spell checking, proof reading, page layout, a valued comment or suggestion, before you publish or launch. Other opinions count!  Oh Boy, do they count.

Solution – Technical Problems? If you suffer with overload from technical stuff, get a hold of Tim.


Techie – Tim is energetic, fast and efficient at what he sets out to do. Being part of his Club really is an added bonus.


Parting thought of the day:-

“Grow from life’s challenges by climbing the spiritual ladder of success each day” – Unknown

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