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Blogging Your Future?

Starting a business career, is a journey we all take along life’s road. Whether we are employed by a Company or take the Entrepreneurs Journey, it takes up a great portion of life (other than sleeping).

My advice, be happy in what you are doing!

Over the past year I have been learning blogging online, directing myself toward becoming self employed in a home business. Allow me to take the opportunity to introduce you to two brilliant mentors.

During the past year Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak have been my online mentors. Both live in Brisbane Australia; their paths met and united them in tutoring various business strategies and technology, making them a formidable blogging team. Not only do they shine as partners, but also as individuals striving to achieve in excellence.

Gideon is the wiz with the technical gadgets and software used in blogging. With an Engineering Degree under his belt, a few years working for hi-tech companies, he moved to Australia in 2006, to start up his own blogging business. It has not taken long for Gideon to reap the benefits of his endeavour, due diligence and hard work, Gideon has become well known online blogging mentor.

I can assure you his teaching methods on how to blog, are of the highest standard;

  • easy to understand
  • easy to follow
  • easy to implement
  • guidance on blogging hardware/software required – or steers you in the direction of  freeware
  • You learn blogging at your own pace – Jeez, I still go back regularly to refresh    (move cob webs around)!

Want to know more about Blogging?

So if you are interested in learning how to blog, I have a link below to start you on your way with the first ten lessons, at no charge to you.  Go to Become a Blogger – Free Videos

Yaro on the other hand has learned online marketing by trial and error! Various ventures both on and offline, have led Yaro into being the entrepreneur he is today. Working many various projects since 1998 he has an in-depth feel in what he is sharing, the frustration, doubts etc. one experiences – “he has been there and done it”! Yaro has collated a ‘library’ of info, teaching on how to blog, setting up mastermind sites and how to make money on the internet. Yaro is gifted in that he takes complex subjects and is able to make it ever so easy to understand.

  • building Your blogging on a pillar foundation

  • finding topics to build a membership site

  • implementing the correct mindset

  • procedures to follow and grow yourself and your blog

  • what sources of traffic to use to build your list in blogging to greater heights

During a recent trip he conducted two different membership site launches in two different countries. He will tell you all about it when you sign up, you can listen and read how he achieved this. If you are interested in this lifestyle, start reading the information, (sign up below,) this is at no charge. Should you wish to join Yaro in one of the paying classes, my advice – it is a good investment, good luck blogging.

I am thoroughly enjoying the style which both Gideon and Yaro present their blogging tutorials. Heck I had not even finished the first course and I signed up for for two more, just in case I missed the “boat”.

Learn blogging in Your Own Time at your Own Pace

Now you can jump straight in on a full time basis, go back on tutorials and revise, implement and carry on. Or, start in your spare time, it is fun, it is educational and it may even become life a changing decision, a new adventure in your career. Take a look at Membership Site Masterplan by Yaro Starak

Both Gideon and Yaro earn a full time living off of the internet.

By the way Gideon has Yaro as his mentor in building his membership site!


Thought of the day:  “Success is living with integrity –  in restless persuit of whatever it is that you are truly passionate about” – Unknown

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