Blog-WebSite Strategy

Know what the sole purpose of your blog/web site is going to be about…

Most won’t have a clear plan on their blogging. You need to know what your blog is going to do. For example, are you going to be selling a book? Selling affiliate products? Selling an opt-in? Or is it a blog to build your status? Yes, web sites can have more than one purpose, but you need one MAIN goal.

Map out every part of your web site. Know the flow of your visitors, so that they can easily get what your selling.

You need to write down each page of your web site on a pad of paper. You will want to write down every last page that anyone will see. Write down the reason WHY they will see each page so that you can clearly know the objective of that page. Remember, make it as easy as possible for them to move freely through your sales process…

Have a sales process in place! Biggest mistake of newbie marketers is to pass this up!

When someone buys or opts into your list you need to have EVERY page laid out for them, so that it is simple, and easy to follow.
You do not want anyone to be guessing or confused if they landed on the right page. Take them by the hand, and tell them what to expect.
If you do nothing, but have a good sales process in place, you will do fine!

Use some sort of tracking program – most of them are free and there is NO reason not to use one...

You need to know your metrics, so you need to use some sort of traffic tracking tool. With these tools, that you can find free on google… (Google has plenty of tools! Just google it 😉
With these tools you will be able to see where your traffic is coming from, and your conversion rates.

Choose your Content Management System with great care, and make sure you really understand how it works…

Choose a CMS that you are comfy with because if you don’t, it will be hard to switch over, and you do not want to deal with that hassle. I suggest that you use something easy, and flexible like WordPress or Joolma.


Parting Word: “Confidence is the companion of success” – Anonymous

5 comments to Blog-WebSite Strategy

  • Robert

    Hi Joan,

    Excellent advice and tips on setting up a site/blog. In my daily travels around the web, I see far too many sites without any direction or purpose and I'm certain they lose many readers myself included. It's always such a pleasure when you reach a site such as yours that is clearly defined and provides content that readers are seeking.

    To your great success in 2010!

  • Thanks so much for the blog article.Much thanks again.

  • hye!! ……good job……very important post !! i like it very much coz its ll help us in many way ….thanx for sharing it with us!
    such a great quite list! keep it up !! again thanx!

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