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Test, test, test, and test some more. Your real stats are the ones you collect!

You have to want to collect and test all your pieces in your website. You can get away with testing only a few, but the more you test. The more you will make, and the more data you have. The more your projects in the future will be successful! It only makes sense to test everything you possibly can

Track the conversion, and constantly try and improve them!

You can create your conversions easily with free tools that you can find on Google, even Google has a tool for this. You need to track this information or almost all your efforts to do the marketing are in vain. Because without knowing your metrics it will be hard to grow…

Add testimonials, and case studies to your products to show that they work in the “real” world.

An easy way to increase conversions is to add more testimonials and case studies. People will want to see other normal people using your product and are having success with it. Show them, the more the better!

Start collecting e-mails and following up on your readers and customers…

One of the easiest ways to increase conversions and sales is to keep in touch with your readers. They say that someone needs to see the offer at least 7 times before they buy. So you need to show them your offer while providing them with useful information. Tips and tricks in your niche topic.

This is the easiest way to build a better relationship with your customers and readers. Your conversion rates will go through the roof!

Use, and explore “conversion boosting” scripts for your sales page!

There are many scripts you can get out there that increase your conversion. For example, peel away ads, pop up ads, and so on. Don’t be afraid to purchase some of these scripts as they may help your conversion and sales. Most don’t cost that much to try, so there is no loss in at least trying some of the solutions out there..

Test, and keep testing! Don’t stop until your are completely happy with the results you are getting…

It worthy of repeating, you must test and keep testing your sales page to get the best results. This doesn’t have to be hard, and there are tools out there that can help you do it easily. So just get out there, and start testing your headline, your offer, your guarantee, and anything else that you can think of!


Parting thought:  “Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark.  Professionals build the Titanic”  –   Unknown

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2 comments to Blog Conversions

  • Hi Joan,

    Good article. I am trying only to build an ark. I will leave the Titanic up to the professionals. thank you for putting it into simple terms.


  • Testing and tweaking a landing page or a site is so important, yet so many websites are not paying attention to it. Worse, some are even spending thousands each month to a landing page without optimizing the page itself to get the best results.

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