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Find a product or multiple products to give away, this can be a One Time Offer or as a Gift.  For Affiliate Marketers this is really a lovely way of providing a product when possibly we may not have created our own, or need a vehicle to earn an income with a blog.

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Understanding you may need to give away Private Label Rights, or Master Resell Rights if you want your product, or a purchased a product with PLR to be part of the giveaway.

There are some definitions that are usually understood amongst most parties in the internet marketing world.

  • The Licensee is the holder of the Licence
  • The Licensor is to Grant a Licence to or authorize the use of something.

This means the owner (Licensee) will stipulate what you may or may not do as the Licensor.

Terms and Conditions say for an eBook may look like this example:-

  • Resale Rights – Yes
  • Master Resale Rights – Yes
  • Give Away Rights – yes
  • Add to paid membership site – yes
  • Add to your own package – yes
  • Add as a bonus – yes
  • Give or sell away PLR – No

The following definitions should be able to help you make sense of what you are dealing with.

Resell (Resale) Rights: You can resell the product and keep the money generated. Usually you are not able to change the product in any way, you must sell it as-is.

Master Resell Rights: You can resell the product and you can also sell others the rights to resell the products. (Which means you can have Affiliate Marketers under you selling the product, but remember you still do not have the legal right to Give, nor Sell the Private Label Rights Licence in the above example.)

  • In some cases you are able to resell the “master rights” to others, but in most situations, master rights only gives you the right to sell “plain” resell rights.
  • If you have a product with “Master resale rights” this means you can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. You cannot alter it in any way!

Branding Rights: You are allowed to put your name (and usually an affiliate link) on the product and resell it.

  • Sometimes master resell rights are included, but not always.
  • Usually the rights are the same as plain resell rights, with the addition of your name and your website URL.

Private Label Rights: You are allowed to put your name on the product and resell it.

Link in to read what Wikipedia has to say (Copy and Paste the links since these links are not happy being automated for Your convenience).

Take a look at the example given in wiki answers to avoid confusion.

Remember to read each and every instruction received in a package! “Once bitten twice shy!”

Often you can actually claim copyright, but sometimes the original copyright has to remain. If your rights are not clearly mentioned – don’t purchase.

Most private label rights products also allow you to modify the actual product for example an Ebook, you usually will receive a Word DOC file that can be altered and turned back into a PDF Ebook.

With a software product, you get the actual source code with which you (or the programmer you hire) can make the necessary changes.

Finally, promote the event heavily on your website, in forums, by writing a press release, through article marketing, by setting up a website just for the event, etc.

If done correctly, a giveaway event can really increase your number of subscribers by signing up on an opt-in form.

The idea is that you want to create some buzz around the blog event before the biz even launches. Get people excited about it, you will potentially get more sign-ups.


Saying of the day: “Be determined to handle any challenge in a way that will make you grow.” – Les Brown

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  • Mackey J. McDonald

    Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from…

  • Stuart Nyswonger

    A private label right provides the buyer of the material the right to utilize, alter and change the work in question. The customer may even acquire the right to claim the work as his or her own. Numbers of people purchase a subscription to a program that provides the utilization of articles having private label rights. But, the topic becomes confusing if you decide whether private rights label integrates distribution rights to resell the article substance. Private rights is different from copyright transfer. In the States, copyright can only be transferred by the use of a written and signed contract. Barring a contractual transfer of, copyright still with the original author of the work, whether a formal copyright application was passed or not.

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for the input. Having read and checked up numerous products, I have found a “grey area” when it comes to Private Label Rights, hence the write up.

      It does become confusing when on the Sales Pitch Page you can do “anything”, once you purchase you find the official terms of use within the package, and in some cases these terms are extremely restrictive.

      For safety, it is suggested to understand the terminology of what is actually allowed. PRL varies in what you are allowed to do or not do, by each License Holder of their work.

      I fully agree with what you have stated above. By the way you have a great site, and owning your own material to publish, opens doors for you, however knowledge about your legal rights, is still imperative.

      I am no legal beagle, this was my interpretation and pitfalls I have encountered.

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    I’ll be frank with you, this is some original content you’ve got here.

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  • Anthony

    I imagine it is. Very good stuff, glad I found this.

  • Frokostordning

    Hmm that’s quiet interessting but honestly i have a hard time understanding it… wonder what others have to say..

    • Hi, Unfortunately I am unable to respond in your home language. Perhaps as a suggestion, try Google and research in your mother tongue, this is my interpretation on how I understand the Terms.

  • Hi Ollie,
    I would be more than happy to assist you, as you can see I have Google Translator at the bottom of my page to try to assist others with the language barrier. Coming from South Africa I know how inconvenient it is when you cannot understand another language (we have 13 official languages).

    You may utilize this post, but please reference the Author as Joan Stewart at or contact me on my email at to discuss.

  • Hi, Thanks for the info – I am building slowly but surely and submitting some of my work to article sites, not too sure about using your suggested software, so will just keep plodding along.

  • Michael

    Great job. I love it.

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  • Jesse James Sandra

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  • You may believe this private label product that you only modified is not as good as an original product, however, if you modified the e-book using your own style and knowledge it is a new product. Of course, it was someone else

    • Hi, I did this article due to my own frustration over the gray areas I encountered. Re-writing a topic belonging to another would be difficult, since you would continuously refer back to the original!

      If a topic really grabs you research and restructure around your own experience. E-book writing jot down notes and formulate the manner in which you wish to present the topic.

      Can’t find something to write, find another author who has the talent and make sure to follow the rules. Hope this helps and thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

  • playfish

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  • Thanks for the comments, always appreciated – let’s one know if they are on the right track. Love your site, one I too will take the time to learn the game!

  • Let me google that for you

    Thanks from sweden for this post

  • Hi, i must say fantastic site you have, i stumbled across it in AOL. Does you get much traffic?

    • Hi Lannie,

      I have been growing this site very slowly – I really do not wish to put out trash that is irrelevant and not needed, so growth has been slow, but perked up a lot over the past couple of months. Thanks for visiting.

  • Gillian Broadbent

    Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great. If you wantto swap the links with us please let me know.

    • The theme is Atahualpa and the inserts I added, most of the photo’s are my own. Thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment.

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  • Today, I’m a day ahead – usually I’m at least a day behind! Thanks for this blog, you are in my bookmark now.

  • This is a wonderful post. The things given are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

    • Thanks John, This was an area I really battled to get to grips with, hence the reason why I did the article. All input is always appreciated.

  • geny42

    Excellent post, I can see now this makes it all look so easy. And it really is except far too many people don’t know, I know that I will be trying to implement what you said. Really worthwhile post :-) Thx!

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