South Africa Has PayPal

PayPal is now in South Africa

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PayPal is now in South Africa

PayPal is an international company offering an online payment system, which has been sadly lacking in South Africa for a long time. This form of banking is currently working within 190 countries.

It is a system used on the Internet which allows you to buy directly from a website.

This will enable you to transfer money between yourself and someone else via email, or between merchants, thus breaking with traditional payment methods, such as cheques and money orders.

In other words you can buy or sell in various currencies. Sign up for a PayPal account and a First National Bank Account and your transactions will be converted within the bank and transferred into your account locally and legally.

Buyers Benefits

If you are a buyer, you can choose to pay via your credit card, debit card or bank account.

It allows you to shop on sites such as eBay or with any of the thousands of PayPal vendors worldwide.

You will receive an invoice via email reflecting the purchase you have made and the exchange rate used at the time of your purchase.

Seller Benefits

PayPal allows credit cards, debit cards and bank account payments to be made directly into an account with transaction fees.

It is easy to add PayPal to your website, with step by step instructions directly from the PayPal website and help with tools that are made available.

How Secure Is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the few financial institutions that have fraud experts. Working behind the scenes and monitoring activity, using proprietary fraud risk models for industry-leading network security at no additional cost.

When suspicious activity occurs, PayPal will alert you by email or phone.
The service has a loss rate of only 0.5% (less than 0.6%) with online fraud. State of the art technology enables them to immediately check suspicious payments and identify thefts.

Visit the PayPal site and read and then visit your local bank (SA is FNB) to get your site up and running with a convenient procedure that is trusted and used by millions online.

To the Blogging Community of South Africa this is some very good news.  Blogger’s in other parts of the world, I hope this information assisted you in making your decisions. Ensure your Banking online procedure is safe, to both your customer and yourself.


Parting Thought:   “Success in Life consists of going from one mistake to the next without losing enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill


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  • I discovered this blog on social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also loved your blog theme! Did you develop it yourself or can I download it from somehwere?

    • Hi and thanks, great having you here. The Theme I use is Atahualpa and can download, contact me if you have any problems finding it.

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  • Having access to Paypal will be good news for small businesses; especially those who are in the holiday accommodation business who may wish to advertise their accommodation and take bookings from overseas visitors to South Africa.
    I have used Paypal with great atisfaction for years – overseas credit card- and have used it to remit money ; to accept bookings from overseas for our self catering accommodation, and to purchase a wide variety of gooods from Ebay , paying by Paypal.
    The restrictions on the use of PayPal by the reserve bank are similar to those for credit cards
    I was even refunded by Paypal when a seller did not comply with the terms of a sale..

    • Yes South African’s have been battling to overcome this and it really is good news, now to get through to FNB and setup an account with them!

      At long last the door has opened, I have paid for Tutotials, Mentors etc. online through PayPal and have always been happy with their service. To be able to receive money from PayPal is going to be wonderful, especially for online entrepreneurs.

      Thanks for your comment on the topic.

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    • Hi Thai – That just sounded good! LOL. Yes you might find it difficult to believe that South Africa is so far behind – so PayPal will hopefully assist us. First have a lot of “red tape” to go through to get up and running properly!

      My RSS feed I have tested from Firefox and Internet Explorer – it seems to link, but there are one or two things I must remove since loading time appears extremely slow in IE – normally I run in Firefox. If you have any hassles I would appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks

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    • Hello Latrina, I am busy preparing a Newsletter and will have a link to subscribe in the near future, I promise. You can also link to the RSS feed.

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  • So glad to hear that I could help, yes this post was put out in a flash since it was breaking news here in South Africa. I have added a lot more information in Facebook or visit my group BlogBizBuzz

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    • Hi – are you from South Africa? If not then this will not affect how you do business. This information was aimed at Affiliate Marketer’s in South Africa, where PayPal was not available for receipting money into the country before March 2010. Thanks for your opinion and taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated.

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    • Explanation on how to work with PayPal is on their site, remember to look up your country and follow through with the steps. Good luck and thanks for the comments.

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