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Market Samurai is exclusively allocated to advancing and improving all elements of the market research process. Building and developing cutting edge applications to slash market research time and deliver genuinely useful marketing information to internet marketers through easy to use, innovative software.

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Market Samurai a popular marketing tool in the Internet marketing community.

This multi-purpose tool is the best place to start of most projects, and that includes me.

The software is built on Adobe AIR (which makes it available on all computer platforms, including PC, Mac and Linux) is reliable and often updated, free of charge, via an auto-update feature.

What can you expect from Market Samurai?

# Keyword Research

* Introduction to Keyword Research
* Golden Rule #1: How to Find Relevant Keywords
* Golden Rule #2: How to Find High Traffic Keywords
* Golden Rule #3: How to Assess Market Competition
* Golden Rule #4: How to Assess Commerciality
* Golden Rules Case Study
* Finding Long Tail Keywords
* Understanding Match Type Data
* How to Avoid Targeting the Wrong Keywords

# SEO Competition

* Introduction To SEO Competition
* How to Assess the Strength of Competition
* How To Gain a Competitive Advantage
* How To Unmask Your Google Competition

# Domains

* Your guide to Domain Samurai

# Monetization

* Introduction to Monetization
* How To Register With Affiliate Directories
* How To Find Products & Assess Market Viability
* How To Write A Compelling Ad In Minutes
* How To Publish An Ad To Your Website
* How to Sign Up for the Google Adsense Program
* How To Replace Your Affiliate Offer With Dynamic Ads
* How To Use To Track Your Affiliate Click Through Rate
* How To Use The Pretty Link Plugin To Track Your Affiliate Click Through   Rate
* How To Create Trackable Affiliate Links Using WordPress Direct

# Find Content

* Introduction to the Find Content Module

# Publish Content

* Introduction to the Publish Content Module

# Promotion

* Introduction to the Promotion Module
* High Authority Domains
* Pingback Strategy

# Rank Tracker

* Introduction to the Rank Tracker Module
* How to Analyze Your Rank Tracker Data
* How To Track Your Distributed Content

The “Noble Samurai”  Team consists of 12 highly trained and dedicated Samurai:

Market Samurai produce brilliant video tutorials (as you can see above), most are in a downloadable format together with transcript. The above-mentioned listing relates to the  tutorials and what you can look forward to exploring.

The down side….  Slow computers or slower line connections can be a bother when learning online, the software functions fairly fast depending on the time of the day.

The positive side of life… Market Samurai will make your life a lot easier with all your market related research, saving you time and money.

Before I forget Thirty Day Challenge takes place in August, so remember to sign up and join in the fun!


Thought of the Day: “You will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky

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      Growing slowly and meeting new people is what keeps a Blogger motivated, thanks for the kind words and look forward to being of service in the future.

  • Hi Marcus, Thank you for your reference to my post – I am not the only one who will refer you to this awesome software, Marcus is a huge fan. I really helps you and there are new Dojo tutorials happening all the time. When software is updated/upgraded – you receive it free of charge.

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