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“How You Can Rapidly Build Huge Lists And Make Money Behind The Scenes… Exploiting Insider Secrets Of Video Blogging!”

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— Sample of Gideon in Action with Video Blogging —

Ok, so how does this all work?

  • First, use YouTube for submitting great videos, building an audience of raving fans and building a steady stream of views.
  • Second, direct the traffic you’re getting from your YouTube Channel to your “video blog”. Actually this is just a normal blog with your own YouTube videos embedded on it.
  • Third, set up a list building mechanism to capture the contact details of your blog visitors so that you can stay in touch with them and drive them back to your site over and over.
  • And finally, apply some clever growth strategies for exponential growth and massive exposure to help you make a solid income!

Inside the course to be released soon, using detailed instructional videos, you will be shown:

  • How to come up with your best possible niche, to make sure you don’t waste time and start making money as soon as possible!
  • Step-by-step video instructions revealing my exact same system and setup for creating videos extremely fast, and still make them look very professional.
    • Much more in-depth detail for the “how to” of setting up your own Video Domination Hub.
  • Several powerful content creation techniques to help you come up with new ideas for your videos with ease. Including a streamlined process for fast video production fully explained with examples.
  • ALL of the growth strategies for each of the 4 growth areas to turbo charge your Video Domination Hub.
  • Detailed explanations of all the viral strategies I use to help super boost the number of views and email newsletter signups.
  • Detailed explanations of all the strategies you can use to help monetize your new Video Domination Hub – You will be shown how to do it!

OK… and much MUCH more. Seriously I have learned how to blog with this guy (and his Buddy-Yaro)  and it plain, simple, straight forward and easy to follow!

Gideon has created several video courses online, and I have to say this, I am totally looking forward to what is being offered in the Rapid Video BloggingTM course!

Video blogging has been fine-tuned over years of experimentation by Gideon, and it’s all in there, at zero cost. So if you’d rather ditch outdated methods of making money online, this is the place to be.

LIVE calls are always extremely active with other learners and are held regularly, where you can ask Gideon anything about online video marketing, internet marketing and blogging, and he will answer you there and then!

The best part of the course is that you can take it in your own time. There’s no rush to complete lessons by a certain date. Once you join, you get access to ALL the lessons up front, and you don’t have to wait weeks or even months for new information to be sent your way.

A great Bonus offered by Gideon is access to 7 additional webinars for each of the Rapid Video Blogging steps inside his report.  Just click on the word “report” to get to your FREE copy.


Thought of the Day:  “If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen.” – Unknown

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  • Fernando Coty

    Unbelievable, that’s exactly what I was shooting for! You just spared me alot of work

    • Thanks for the visit Fernando, the Tutor of the Video Blogging really presents the lessons in an easy to understand and follow way. There is no time limit as to how long you take and you will be joining a great community. Good luck and enjoy.

  • freelance writing jobs

    I’m supporting you right through this. You have a right to your own ideas, and you must never let anybody tell you otherwise. Keep it up!

    • Hi, Really wish people would use their real names – please don’t feel offended, article writing is a must! Video Blogging is becoming a need to have. Thanks for your comment.

  • Eugenie Millward

    That’s cool. I’m from Anchorage and see the same result. Anyway, I’m gonna back soon.

  • My brother and I were just debating this very topic, he’s invariably looking to prove me wrong. Your own view on this is perfect and just how I feel. I recently e mailed my brother this page to show him your view. Right after overlooking your weblog I saved and will be coming back to read your messages!

    • Hi Marcy, The internet is moving and changing all the time, keeping up is the problem. Hope your brother enjoyed the input and I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

  • Henry Martinex

    been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?

  • i own at least 3 video blogs and i love to video blog myself and do some crazy stuffs;`*

  • Daryl Hirt

    I like to take a break during the my day and browse through some blogs to see what others are saying. This blog appeared in my search and I couldn't help but clicking on it. I am glad I did because it was a very enjoyable read.

  • Matthew C. Kriner

    I know I am a little off topic, but i just wanted to say I love the layout of your blog. I’m new to the blog-engine platform, so any suggestions on getting my blog looking nice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Keep true to yourself and those who follow you. Your blog looks good, add a comment section I use Intense Debate and they take care of a lot of the spam issues.

      A suggestion is to add a small "About" You section and introduce yourself and your business. Good Luck and enjoy Blogging.

  • Les Mcinnis

    Get your YouTube video(s) 24,000 views for a ridiculous price through

  • Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

    Anyways, I just signed up for your newsletter and will definitely come back for more. Feel free to do the same for my blog when you get a chance! 😉 Also, if your looking to do some guest posting or promoting some of my products definitely check out my blog…

    All the best,

    Dino Vedo

    PS: Like my Facebook fan page and follow me on Twitter and I'll do the same for you! 😉

    • Hi Dino,

      You have an amazing blog and it is great to have a name and a face to chat to.

      Find my comments on your blog and I have linked up with you on Facebook for future chats,

      Speak soon,

  • backlinks

    Appreciate other sorts of fantastic report. Exactly where otherwise may anyone have that form of info ordinary perfect a style of crafting? I’ve got a display in the near future, and I am on the find such information.

    • Glad to have helped with some information, unfortunately I have not got around to video yet, it is on the "To Do" list, good luck and I will keep you in mind at gigburst if I need some help.

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