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4 Reliable Facts to Consider in Speedy Video Blogging!

“How You Can Rapidly Build Huge Lists And Make Money Behind The Scenes… Derive Benefits from Insider Secrets Of Video Blogging!”

Check out the report that got the industry buzzing about it even before it got out!

Ok, so how does this all work?                                   

1. Using YouTube for presenting great videos, slowly building an audience of raving fans and building a steady stream of views.

Take a listen to Marketing Info Futures, 72 top internet marketers interviewed reiterate that the movement toward your blog presentations, you will have move towards a variety of three or four different methods. Well worth a listen with loads of ideas!

Inter-active Communications suggested are podcasts, various forms of media such as Newspapers, Radio, Television, Video and last but not least transcribing wherever possible into a PDF.

Flipping the switch when going under a mentor. Conference call with presentations by the mentor. Follow your mentors advice. Be creative, do as you are told and follow your mentor.

Teach people in whichever way they would enjoy their information structured. Whilst learning online I have found video to be an excellent vehicle in learning at your own pace and when you can afford the time.

Do you enjoy listening to a podcast in your car, watching video online, or downloading and watching later? Image how people searching for information feel when they find what they are looking for, and it is easy to obtain and comprehend.

2. Direct the visitors you get from your YouTube Channel to your “video blog”. Matter of fact this is just a normal blog, with your own YouTube videos embedded on it.

Discover Gideon on uTube and you will see he has many videos available, go click over to his site and you will find some videos once again on his blog.

Recently I received an email from Clickbank “To help make online video marketing easy and accessible for everyone, we asked long-time ClickBank vendor and web video expert Gideon Shalwick to make a series of videos for ClickBank affiliates and vendors who need help getting started, or want to make their videos more professional and effective.” So the WEB grows, if you wish to see this video visit Clickbank Blog.

Gist of what Gary Ambrose had to say in ‘Marketing Info Futures‘ – “Consolidation of resources. Cross promotion and branding between companies to keep people ‘in house’. People teaming up together to build up cross promoting each other, not competing against each other, but complimenting each other.”

3. Set up a list building mechanism to record the contact details of your blog visitors this will enable you to stay in touch with them and drive them back to your site make them repeat visitors.

Gist of what Jeff Mills had to say during his interview on Marketing Info Futures “email marketing is getting harder. Broadcast through phone with 60 second message. Text messaging and text marketing to the phone with text autoresponder. Apple Iphone you can connect anywhere Podcasting – video – audio : info can be time shifted to their phone or whatever they want to be marketed to. Computer in hand is the way people are going.”

Scared? Hell yeah! A lot to do and a lot to learn, but with aWeber as an reliable auto-responder, a good mentor to guide you we don’t have to over complicate things. Delaying is our biggest downfall, focus always moving forward, keep in mind what sort of information should I be using to help people. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

4. Apply some clever strategies for rapid growth and massive publicity to help you make a financially secure income!

Sounds like this is just what the Doctor ordered, no matter whether you are consulting, selling products or hey, just making more videos I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Rapid Video Blogging is currently being launched to the online marketing world, can you afford to skip this? Being shown how to monetize your video influence, viral strategies used to boost the number of views, capturing email newsletter signups. Video blogging has truely been fine-tuned!

Just Google “Rapid Video Blogging” and see what all the uproar is about.


Thought for today: “Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.” – John Maxwell

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