List Building Overview

Building a List!

My biggest stumbling block has been getting my head around List Building…

No kidding, and having a new puppy has been advantageous – another reason not to settle down and ‘get it going’. Take a quick look at Jodi with her head in a box (toy I made her) – this is exactly what I feel like sometimes. Please be rest assured that Jodi had her head removed from the box immediately – I have not been so fortunate in overcoming my stupidity.

With bookkeeping as my background I have found nifty ways of using spreadsheets to start focusing on problem areas and will share these with you. Sign up for the free eBook – “Mail List Cash Extraction – Goldmine” and get the Overview, that you can use to build a template on….

List Building

Building a List

“Get it going” List Building together, the “challenge” I have contacted a couple of Blogger’s, all suffering with the same side effects this will be revealed later on.

Blog posts will concentrate, for a while on achieving this formidable step. Then an invite will be coming your way to join in, overcoming the humps and bumps together, we will flatten this out in no time at all. So here we go…

Who realised that there are four basic methods to look at when building a list?

1.     eZines and Newsletters List: OK this takes quite a bit of work, you need to be capable of writing frequently and offer a high standard or folk will lose interest in you and what you have to offer.
By placing a mix of researched information related to your target market, along with a sprinkling of related ads, affiliate links for similar products, together with your own product; this may assist with monetizing your site.

Do not abuse by placing too many advertisements, or you will end up with a high unsubscribe rate. On the other hand don’t hand out too many freebies, or you will end up with a list of freebie seekers, an even distribution is needed.

2.    Personal List – Mixed Content: Build a list of loyal subscribers, unless you really annoy them, they will remain on your list. The list will be smaller than the abovementioned, due to the personal nature it’s easy to get ‘talking’ and communicating with your list.

Research is done by you on product information for your customers, writing articles, adding tips and testimonial requests, together with ads for your own products. This requires less content on your part.

This List is one of the most highly used list types by specialist marketers, rated one of the most interesting and robust of the four methods we are looking at.

3.    Personal List – Affiliate and Ad Content List: This time you’re not sending tips, hints or content, but ads for programs that you promote yourself and your own products. Be wary selecting this list type, if you do not have the right contacts, or the right name and expertise, it just won’t work!
This differs from an ad list, because all products are promoted as yours together with what you promote through affiliate programs. There are no outside sources sending ads to your list.  Even though no content is provided, this can be especially useful if you’re well known, and have a solid following.

List type will hold good value for joint ventures. Be careful not to confuse people on your list applying various tactics, if your subscribers don’t understand what you are doing they will unsubscribe.

4.    Ad List: This is generally a list that you build and send outside ads to, without any useful content at all. Easily the fastest method of list maintenance out of all listed above, the major upset will be unsubscribe rate and the challenge is in getting people to subscribe. This is still widely used solely for income from ad sales.

Please don’t forget to sign up for the Mail List Cash Extraction book to get all the information you are looking for – this is an extremely short review, and until the next time “Keep It Going – Build That List”


Thought for Today:  “It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken”  is the title of a 1996 graphic novel (or “picture novella”) by Seth

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