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How to Write a Resource Box

Stick Your Neck Out With Your Resource Box

How to Write a Resource Box

By Sean R Mize

In this article, I am going to teach you how to write a resource box for the articles that you write for your article marketing campaign.

A resource box (or resource area) is the area at the end of an article where most article directories give you a chance to send the reader of your article, to your website. You see, the article directory is trading sending you traffic in exchange for your content. And it is a good trade for them, for without your content, they couldn’t operate. And without their website, getting your own content ranked in the search engines would be more difficult.

But the resource area is operative, it is critical to your success.

Because without the resource box, your articles would not send traffic to your site. And with a lousy resource area, your articles will not send much traffic to your website.

So here is how to write a resource box:

1) Your resource box needs to be on the same topic as your article, and it needs to be on the same topic as your squeeze page. You see, if it is not appropriately matched to your content in the article, then it won’t convert as well. Because the reason someone is reading your article is that they need more information on the topic of your article, and so if they are going to click through your article to your website, the offer needs to match.

2) The resource area needs to offer something of value that is relevant to the readers’ needs. I like to either give away an ebook or an audio recording, but if you are into video, then you could give away a video as well.

3) I like to write my resource box in such a way that it appears to be part of the article. Again, having it on-topic is important, but I like to use transition language such as, by the way, or perhaps you are thinking, or while you are here.

And then the last thing that is important here with a resource area is that it must go to a page that offers what it promises. For example, if you offer a free ebook on your topic in the resource area, then the squeeze page or web site landing page needs to offer the same thing. If you don’t, your conversion rate on your landing page will be lower – essentially the same as having a lower resource box conversion rate (click through rate).

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  • Rick Benmor

    If only I found this site years ago. Really enjoyed my time here!

  • That is the way i think too

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    Have you ever thought about adding just a little little far more than just your views? I imply, what you say is crucial and every thing. But its obtained no punch, no pop! Maybe should you extra a pic or two, a video? You could have such a far more powerful blog site in the event you allow persons SEE what youre discussing rather than just reading through it.

    • Hi Annabelle, I totally agree with you and am working on the video, hopefully it will arrive sometime soon. Your comment is greatly appreciated.