9 Reasons Why to Build a Business with CrowdifyClub Will be Great for You as a Member! – Part 2

CleanClub, HealthTech, BioTech, FinTech all on CrowdifyTech

CrowdifyClub Membership to Grow in Business

Why would you Become a Premium or Founding Member?  1st January 2016 CrowdifyTech Alpha and Beta testing will be completed meaning paid memberships will be opening up on CrowdifyClub

Let’s go through the 9 main offers on CrowdifyClub monthly paid memberships.

1.  Have tasks running at any time to a maximum of 3.

Tasks are where sharing of content takes place,  prepare content you wish to be shared, place a  Crowdify Points value to give to the person sharing and a total of Crowd Points for the total value you wish to spend.

Say you wish to share a Tweet on Twitter and you feel 500 Crowd Coins is fair value for the share, place in Total Crowd Coins of 5 000 to have 10 shares sent out.

Having the paid version you are able to run 3 of these tasks which means you are able to setup to a variety of places Crowdify Club members can assist you getting the content out.

2.  Blog once a day in the site.

You may have a blog and feel why would you do this?

Writing blog posts are time consuming, prepare and re-purpose to share to a variety of places is in itself a time saving. Having the hidden edge of posting into Crowdify Blogs area where members are looking to find and share fresh content.

Within time, no matter which form of technology your topic falls into, people will be waiting for fresh information, this information will be available by Members posting into the Blog.

Please read “How to setup Crowdify Tech” setting up your Profile since these are pertinent to Location and the type of Technology field of interest to you. Other members will be able to follow you simply by finding out more by your credentials listed here.

3.  Be an affiliate.

Paid members are automatically Affiliates enabling you to share with people throughout your networks, encouraging them to join will benefit you not only in team building, but in some monthly earnings.

Building teams and networking will be explained in more detail from the location setting in your profile in a later article, the goal is CrowdifyClub will spread out to one of the 200 Cities mentioned, by you motivating local players to band together and work together for a common cause. Should your city not be mentioned, just make contact!

One such team already flying the banner high is Finland with Colin Sydes, and on the other side of the world in Tokyo daily growth with Michael and Yoriko Todd at the helm is evident.  Are you next, lets see the regions and cities grow.

4.  Get all Perks and Discounts available.

Having an online shop and many talented people with a variety of online tools, mobile sites ready to use etc., being offered, members will benefit in when special price offers are made. Perks may be made up of discounts, coupons, flash sales and all members will be able to reap the rewards.

5.  Get special discount offers in our Shop.

Selling from within the CrowdifyClub  shop, when special discounts come up you will be able to make a purchase and save! Got some tech product to offer, there is a shop to sell from.  All made easier being in a bigger team rather than going it alone!

6.  Be invited to Crowdify events both online webinars and in real life meetups.

When an event is arranged you will be able to share in these events, building and sharing in knowledge together. Should you wish to run an event in your location you will be able to notify people of your region the date, place and time. CrowdifyClub have the DropPinApp – Mobile is the future!

7.  Members will be able to run Crowdfunding campaigns if approved

CrowdifyClub is here to help one another grow, where crowdfunding comes in, is assisting technology developers boost funding, this will be at the discretion of CrowdifyClub as to crowdfunding campaigns being run.

8.  Add jobs to our Job Boards

Yes there will be a place you are able to offer your services to other members within CrowdifyClub, so writers, content providers and tech geeks will be able to advertise what they are able to do for you! Goal is to setup with Bitcoin to fund payments across borders without delay, more detail will be released later!

9.  Get a founding Members Badge if you are in the first 2000 membership signups.

A ‘brag badge’ will be available to the first 2000 members, climb on board early and enjoy all the offers made available above.

CrowdifyClub is not just a place to join and forget, it is a place to build a community within the community, build locally and grow teams of technology driven folk working toward a vibrant future!

Assisting one another in building businesses, it is what you are driven to achieve in whatever path you have chosen and not having to go it alone.  New developments are taking place every day so don’t arrive late and battle to get to know the people who have already joined up on the free option, so peek around here CrowdifyClub is waiting to welcome you!

Please be aware this platform is still under development and you may run into some issues on CrowdifyClub,  technical issues are the downside of any new platform!


Thought for Today:  “People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.” – Malorie Lucich


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