How to Set Up Crowdify Club for Maximum Exposure – Part 1

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Welcome to life on Crowdify Club this article covers the first 5 tabs on the top left hand corner to familiarize yourself quickly.


1. Upload a photo 400 x 400px if the original Twitter photo is too small, small images cannot be shared into Pinterest. Prepare a photo/image then go to Twitter Profile > Settings > Design and upload the image. The Settings are just above ‘Log Out’.
2. Switch on all Social Media platforms to gain traction for sharing and building upon.
3. Fill in Name, City, Blog, You Tube URL comple your selection on ‘Interests’ and ‘Category’ relating to your online life.
– Update and grab your Affiliate link for sharing.


Your Twitter Profile shows up with a description about you, if you need to alter this go into your Twitter profile to make the changes.

Perks: Free or at cost perks, will be used to offer coupons, discounts, subscriptions, tickets to events, technology products and other forms of perks getting bang for their membership!

You are able to use Social Media links throughout sharing content. Please ensure to have set them up under your profile. Return to your Profile at anytime to update if necessary.

Tweets are shown directly from you timeline will reflect on this page, including retweets.

Perks or Discounts will come into play soon for paid members.


A detailed list of who has joined Crowdify Club via your Affiliate link inviting people to join, is found here. This reflects both free and paid members join up. Should a free member sign up later to become a paid member you will still benefit from the original signup.


Reflects everyone within Crowdify who have elected to “Follow” you. Are you following them? Please consider following back which is detailed below under ‘All Users’.


Everyone who has signed up into Crowdify; Find your friends from this listing by clicking on their name and going to that players page where you are able to:-
1. Follow – Gift Crowdify Points – Gift Bitcoins
2. Invest in the Player and Tweet them to let them know your have sent them some Crowdify Points.
3. Invest in what the Player does under the Category, finding beneficial and mutual friendships within the same category to build upon.
By investing in other players using either #2 and/or #3 earns you Crowdify Points whilst investing in another player. Some of the Gamification in Crowdify making for more fun. Game-Based Marketing: Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests.
4. ‘My Idea’ is an image of what you plan to do.
‘City’ is an image of where you live, encouraging contact to build relations via location.
‘Interest’ tell everyone a bit about your interests to get to know you better and what makes you tick.
Hope you find Crowdify Club easy to navigate as promised and this setup assistance helped!


Thought for today:  Coming together is a BEGINNING. Keeping together is PROGRESS. Working together is SUCCESS. ~ Henry Ford

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