12 Explosive Reasons Why To Join Crowdify Club

Are you looking for a place to call home, a site that offers you more than you could ever dream of having in one place? At Crowdify Club  I have…. Every Internet Entrepreneur is going to regret not doing this sooner!

Perhaps you are tired of ‘fishing’ around for somewhere that offers online Technical growth, seeking out a place where working as a tribe is easier than ‘going it alone’.

Do You fall into any one or more of these categories online; Cleantech, Fintech, Biotech, Healthtech, Tech startup also know as Venture Capital startup’s, then this is for you. More topics ending with ‘tech’ will needless to say arrive or have arrived and I have forgotten to mention above.

Crowdify Tech offered me a position to do testing on the site whilst in BETA I found a smooth site with a nice easy feel getting from one section to another. Yes there is still quite a lot of work still to be done, but all in all I find it user friendly software with many friendly, well established tech people assisting.

Crowdify Club – 12 Good Reasons for you not to miss on this mobile driven platform…

1.   WebToolsWiki site with over 3.5k tools listed to find what online tools you need quickly and efficiently from an app (if you are on mobile) or from the website address, whilst working behind the old PC. WebToolsWiki is available directly from Crowdify Tech as we speak.

2.  Techcruitment App to support a Jobs Board. A place to find technical geeks ready to assist you, or place to advertise your technical expertise skills.

3.  Shopify App will be made available to sell tech related products found on sites such as Amazon and Alibaba. Banner ads will be placed within Crowdify Tech for convenience.

4.  DropPin App enabling you are able share events, work place meet-ups and important addresses stored for future reference. Location specific to join up and communicate with others in your region.

5.  ‘Shiny New Things’ will only be available to Premium Members, good enough reason to go premium now! This will showcase new products by members amongst members and is the only place you are able to add comments. A place to discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone’s talking about and producing.

6.  Stockmarket You have the ability to add 2 technical categories you rock in, add them when setting up your account, they come into play showcasing you as an influencer in that field.

7.  Mingle App is to bring people together through live experiences. Discover events that match your passions and keep connected.

8.  Crowdfunding to help Technical startup’s raise money to fund new business ventures. This will be setup on the Crowdify Club side of the site, affording you the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ to get wonderful new technical projects lifted off the ground. Motto “Flocking together to help startup’s fly.”

9.  Perkfluence is a main feature area on Crowdify Tech, where premium users obtain massive discounts and in some instances free access to the thousands of online tools available.

10. Crowdify Club offers a Blog feature within the site is offered. Add your content to have it shared, more eyes and sharing is always great to move fresh quality content onto the web.

11. Tasks and Crowdify Points NOW we talking Gamification! When you sign up and complete your profile some Crowdify Points will be added to your account, yes a gift just for being you and being here!

  • How to use these coins; By going to set up Tasks where you entice others to share your social services, content, images, blog content to the world. Adding a URL link to where you require the player to go, with a brief description and an amount of Crowdify Points to be earned enticing the player to share and give support to your content. Likewise other players will share their content and pay out Crowdify Points possibly with the Crowdify Points they earned from you, they then go and set up Tasks and standard etiquette is to reciprocate, the more you do for each other the more Crowdify Points are earned or spent.

12. Bitcoin is not an area on the site everyone may be interested in. Immediate participation is not a requirement, should you be interested at a later point in time, this will be available.

A free wallet is offered onsite, why you may wish to consider Bitcoin – if you wish to use the services of another tech player to tweak your site, write an app or any other requirement from within the Job Board, you will be able to use this facility to pay for services rendered. ‘Pay it Forward’ assistance for product developers launching you will be able to make payment without any inconvenience in your support to the developer. Need an online tool you found in the shop, send a gift to another player – Bitcoin wallet is there for you.

Bitcoin as in International online crypto-currency this will assist you overcoming boundaries. Please refer to my previous article Bitcoin Ideas 4 Mobile Marketing to find out more.

Now the ‘fishing’ expedition has come to a happy ending, you have found Crowdify Club and ended up in a huge shoal of fish swimming in the same direction as you.

The site offerings are immense, unfortunately there is still a lot of work to be done, such as the crowdfunding which may only come into play early 2016.

Funding Crowdify Tech is still ongoing and I personally feel the “Paying It Forward” request can only speed up the development, are up interested in assisting, click the following link and take a look Indiegogo-Crowdify   Want to meet the owners Michael Q Todd and lovely wife Yoriko Todd – why not sign up here Crowdify Club with your Twitter account and meet everyone.

Now we have covered all the ‘nitty-gritty’ let’s get down to the fun stuff. I am South African and this great team are so international you will have to have a planner with date and time. Being from all ends of the 7 seas we are having fun!

I envisage Crowdify Club to be a place for established tech folk to meet and share, new players finding it easy to navigate and grow extremely fast and efficiently. It will be a place of teaching and learning, sharing and playing with a digital divide not so great now days being on mobile.

Getting to know many of the Tech Team, whilst assisting during the BETA phase my experience is – Crowdify Club  is there to help you grow. Technology today is always changing, the world wide web is forever growing and ‘going it alone’ is not an option.

Soon big business will require places of learning for staff to familiarize themselves in Social Media, Content etc., Gamification is most probably one of the best environments for corporate learning, I foresee a place such as Crowdify Club being able to be put to good use. Living in Africa I dream of rural individuals being able to avail themselves to further education via mobile and entering the world arena well prepared through a platform like Crowdify.

Now it is over to You, I look forward to Welcome You to Crowdify Club ~ where technology lovers meet and mingle…

Crowdify Club

Crowdify Club – Join a new place for Tech Lovers

Our world is rapidly changing, so to end off I have an excerpt that will explain partly my change in attitude in how we live today, how do we change our thoughts and hopefully improve everyone’s future.

Thought for Today:

Japan’s mobile dominance applied six core laws that apply to most mobile markets in the world.

1. Value over culture – in 4 categories Interaction, Entertainment, Expression and Transaction. This has not so much to do with a specific culture but with providing true value to users.

2. The Law of the ecosystem. DoCoMo operator in Japan keeps just 9% of subscription revenues because the mobile internet would flourish only if the right content and services were developed and deployed in a way that consumers could easily understand and adopt. Google’s Android platform and ecosystem adheres to similar principles, however Google has envisioned an ecosystem on an entirely different scale and will provide revenues to match.

3. Mobility empowers. Mobile device is becoming the remote control for life. Through mobile devices, users can connect to other people, in their environment or to services in a new way. People, organisations, industries, communities of interest are in need of services that can help them to either embrace or escape their current situation.

For organisations, mobile devices will redefine what they perceive as assets, and how they create and provide access to those assets. This will provide new revenue opportunities and an increasingly distributed marketplace.

4. The value of Time Zones – Mobile content use is not location but time-specific. There should be two approaches to content irrespective of location: one is about short bursts of varying duration and the other one about longer, dedicated attention representing different usage ‘time zones’

a. In-Between-Time where content and services must be concise, easy to access and understand and easy to drop and pick up again later.
b. Golden Time where dedicated usage is longer term, and larger blocks of time are available to focus on content and services. Users here explore and engage more and for longer periods. In this time zone, content and services can have more depth and breadth.

5. Mobile specific business models are essential. Successful mobile services in Japan did not depend on advertising revenue as their sole source of income.

Making money from people creating their own content, virtual goods sales, freemium and subscription-based models have been part of the mobile world long before these terms were coined in the west.

6. The future in Simplexity – What does it mean? Having gone from a world that was linear (simple), we now live in a world that is non-linear (complex). Managing the complexity of our lives is and will increasingly become challenging.

Simplexity is a powerful way of opening technology to the masses and (hopefully) to the benefit of the masses. the iPhone/iPad touch interface using natural gestures, intelligent car systems, location-based services, intelligent agents and intelligent concierge services on mobile devices.

Simplexity also can mean reducing the complexity of a device in terms of cost. Less is more as long as the intelligence in the backend (or cloud) is strong enough.

Simplexity will and does help the elderly or even developing countries (mobile phone as a banking tool using rather low-tech phones and SMS but a complex procurement system in the backend. This is just a small glimpse into the world of Simplexity…

To find out more thoughts on change visit No Straight Lines

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