List Building Personal, Affiliate, Mixed Content

2nd method building a list

Skeptic about List Building!

List Building Overview – How to Rate Your System – 2nd in a 4 part Series

(1) eZines & Newsletters

(2) Personal List, Affiliate & Mixed Content

(3) Personal Lists & Mixed Content

(4) Ad List

NB: We are using a (*) Star system where 5 ***** is good if maintained and 1 * is bad, hard, takes time and patience.

Un-Subscribe Rate ***** Once you build trust with subscribers, they won’t leave unless you bother them! Beware – bad news travels fast, so you don’t want readers buzzing off due to being overzealous!

Subscription Rate *** Finding subscribers with this method can be a lot harder, but you reap greater rewards. A smaller list can be anticipated – plainly put, customers are more loyal.

Ad Income * Virtually no direct ad income. List is smaller and more focused than some e-zines out there. More difficult to price sales – keep ad sales to a minimum.

JV Circle ***** Pertaining to personal nature of this list it’s easy to start talking. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in high demand, this is prime territory to create many a productive joint venture.

Response Rate Over Time **** Confidence built over time with your subscribers should get great reaction, with loyal supporters. Useful for inflating the value of your list to your JV circle. Be mindful of your mail content, one bad move and it could all be gone.

Research/Surveys/Testimonials **** The personal touch, knowing your subscribers are getting something important and of value from you. Make sure to ask for some reciprocation by the way of Surveys with the general direction of serving your subscribers in some way. Publishing results and giving feed back to subscribers is a GREAT research tool at your fingertips.

Maintenance Time *** Some take a couple of minutes and others a lot longer, it all depends on what topic you covering. Not as bad as a fully fledged ezine, and not as quick as some lists yet to be discussed. Estimate each since maintenance time is not simple to configure – keep an eye on stats. Stats will also give an indication which way the business is going.

Definition of the list:

Research is done by you relating to new product information for your customers, writing articles, adding tips and testimonial requests, as well as ads for your own products. Very similar to e-zine except with mixed content and the sales of ads to third parties. This calls for less subject matter on your part. One of the most highly used list types by speciality marketers, rated one of the most exciting and robust of the lot. List building is part and parcel of any business.

More in-depth information – find subscribe box alongside and sign up for the full edition free e-book “Mail List Cash Extraction – Goldmine”.


Thought of the day: “Constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones of genius.” Elbert Hubbard

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  • Iwan

    i need more information

    • Hi Iwan,

      You will find a reply on your site, You are more than welcome to sign up for the free ebook here on my site, I have also added a PDF to give a better look at the methods used for list building. Your email will not be sold or used illegally. Also take a look at aWeber to get an idea on double opt-in, this helps to keep everything legal.

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