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How to Build a Personal List  –  Affiliate and Ad Content List – 3rd in 4 Part Series

4 Choices to Discuss how to Build a List – This is a Quick look at the the 3rd in a 4 Part Series.

(1) eZines & Newsletters

(2) Personal List & Mixed Content

(3) Personal Lists, Affiliate and Ad Content

(4) Ad List.

NB: We are using a (*) Star system where 5 ***** is ‘good’ when kept up to-date and 1 * is ‘bad’, difficult, time-consuming.

Un-Subscribe Rate ** People on your list that don’t understand this form of marketing will unsubscribe. As soon as you have a good base of people with similar activities, you will reap the rewards. Be on you guard selecting this list type, if you do not have the right contacts or the ‘right name’ and do not have the experience or knowledge, it won’t work.

Subscription Rate ** It is easier to get people to subscribe when they realise they will get something of value. Standard implementation of future valuable freebies works. Problem lies in trying to obtain a good quality list – interested not only in your products, but also in your correspondence enabling you to move forward with future offers, keeping your customers happy.

Ad Income *** Generally ads to this type of list are in demand for two reasons.

  1. It is your own list, no one else has access = real value addable.
  2. Continue with the list that works in this way for any length of time. Should get Good Affiliates and Good Sales Stats. Do not use this too often or you will lose some of your really valuable group with the all important promotion power.

JV Circle **** This list type demands a lot of value in Joint Ventures. Subscribers are quality subscribers with lists of their own, willing to promote affiliate programs and buy products at the same time. This is a ‘win – win’ situation for a period of time a moneymaker and resource builder. Stay away from using this method too often or you could end up as an ad list and may lose the momentum of JV activity.

Response Rate Over Time **** List does not vary too much from a very personal list type. List will falter if you drift away from your message, or if your subscribers don’t understand the purpose of it.

Research/Surveys/Testimonials **** List is personal by nature and it will not be too hard to get important tracking information. Supporters will be happy to give it to you, merely because they know it will help them make more money at the end of the day. They are on your list solely for the opportunity to join your programs, and products to promote. Your followers will be happy to let you know what will turn them on, so ask!

Maintenance Time ***** Short on time, have a dislike for writing, or wish to put more effort into creating products, this list type will Save a few hours a day compared to e-zine lists. Remember You will need to search for products to promote. Finding products, join well know marketers as an affiliate – now you see how this is all linked together? The bigger your name gets the more momentum you create the sooner you will start to earn.

Definition of the list:

List is much the same as previously discussed. However this time, you’re not sending tips, hints or content, but ads for programs that you promote yourself together with your own products.
This differs from an ad list, because all products promoted are handled as your product.  There are no outside sources sending ads to your list.

Although no content is supplied, this can be especially useful if you’re well-known, and have a strong following. We are down to the last of this List Building Series in the next article.

Thought for Today: “What is purpose? Purpose provides meaning in our life and serves as a principle around which to organize ourselves.” Rita Maulucci

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