Ad Lists Used In List Building

List Building with Ad Lists

Speedy Subscribe OR Un-subscribe?

List Building Overview – Rate Your System: – 4th and last in Series… Ad Lists

NB: We are using a (*) Star system where 5 ***** is “good” if maintained and 1 * is “bad“, difficult, time consuming.

Un-Subscribe Rate * Selling ads over and over again to people for the highest price possible, with no other means of communication or content obviously subscribers will get uninterested quickly. High un-subscribe rate can be expected, that is if your mail even gets read, removed as spam or filtered.

Subscription Rate * No one will sign up for ads – they may sign up for a freebie, and purchasing leads is not the way to go. A thousand hit-or-miss subscribers does not compare to a hundred people who know your name, reputation and speak highly of you.

Ad Income ** Generally ad income can be OK, it depends on the size of your list. It may appeal to an entry level online marketer – reactions will tell the story, when customers don’t see any response to their ads, they won’t come back to give you their cash ever again, bad news to long term prospects.

JV Circle * List isn’t personal, does not have good subscribers, nor people who have bought from you, and are willing to buy. Affiliates or people in your target market won’t be a hot topic for joint ventures.

Response Rate Over Time * Would receiving different ad’s every day get you to make the effort to open and read? Didn’t think so, unless it is from a marketer where you are interested in their work. No matter how great the ad appeals to you, the more ads you send the more people unsubscribe – the less people care, blacklisted, filtered you end up with nothing-zero-zilch.

Research/Surveys/Testimonials * You would not be able to use this list here.

Maintenance Time ***** Receive ad from customer, cash lands in your account, paste in the ad, hit send and you are done, quick, not much to do in list maintenance. Don’t bother if you are looking at a serious online business. Not the way to go – morally or logically.

Definition of the list:

Ad List is generally a list that you build and send outside ads to the list, without any informative content at all. Easily the fastest method of list maintenance out of all we have listed above, biggest upset will be unsubscribe rate and the challenge is in getting people to subscribe. This is still widely used solely for income from ad sales.

List building is your business so take as much time as you need in making theĀ  right decision as to which method to use.


Thought for the day: “Excellence is about going back and asking, “How do I become better at this?”. – Kojo Baffoe

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