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Article Marketing: Jeff Herring, The Article Guy, Interviews Chris Knight of

By Jeff Herring

1. What is the one thing that every article writer and marketer must do?

Get started and then be consistent. Marketing or syndicating and distributing your articles is an ‘advertising’ function (in addition to good old fashion grass roots marketing and brand building). Because it’s an advertising function, it is an activity that you want to invest in on a monthly basis all year round.

You don’t advertise your business once and you shouldn’t engage in article marketing only once. Give it at least 90 days to 6 months to prove to yourself that writing and marketing with articles can pay dividends in terms of its ability to generate qualified visitors & traffic back to your website.

2. What is the one thing that every article writer and marketer must avoid?

Article writers should avoid the very basic sins of not doing spell and grammar check or failing to review sentence structure and punctuation.

Article marketers must avoid being spammy with their article writing and syndication strategies. This can be avoided with two simple rules:

1) Always give value in the article body and you get to sell yourself in the resource box (never the other way around); and

2) Always read the posted editorial guidelines to respect the publishers rules for the type of content that they accept. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and will find an easier path to a higher acceptance of your article content.

I know you only asked for one thing they should avoid, but another that is just as important is to avoid PLR (private label rights) articles. Article marketers want to avoid buying into those crazy article re-writers that churn PLR content into Frankenstein articles that make you look foolish, not to mention may carry legal penalties for infringement. If you want to find short-cuts, look for ways to keep your integrity in tact by improving your article writing efficiency or by hiring a team of article writers to help you with your article inventory production goals.

3. Is this article stuff just a fad or is this something that is here to stay?

Article marketing and writing is not a fad and it’s been around for many decades in the print media world. It wasn’t until the mid-1990’s that article syndication on the Internet took off with a significantly higher viral nature than its print cousin.

It’s here to stay despite many who say the sky is falling due to the duplicate content penalty concerns. Reality is that the search engines use duplicate content identification as only one of over 70+ metrics they use to determine how much value to give an article. It’s hardly the prime factor as to whether article syndication will or will not hurt you in terms of love or lack of love from the search engines… and my recommendation is that you’ve got more to lose by not syndicating your quality original articles.

4. Can someone still write and market articles successfully if they are in a crowded niche?

Yes they can, but they will need to crank up the article volume by at least 10x more than a non-crowded niche. A decade ago, 20 articles put into syndication would have been enough to make your hit counter go mad. Today, you’ll need at least 200 articles in any niche to get a shot at the top and it may take 2000 or more articles to make a dent in a crowded niche. Is it still worth it? YES it is!

Keep in mind that only about 82-85% of authors or experts who engage in article marketing ever go beyond 10 articles. That means the bulk millions of qualified visitors belongs disproportionately to the 15% that go beyond 10 or more articles.

5. What has article marketing and writing done for you?

I’ve built a business on it and it has enabled me to grow the business to serve the tens of thousands of authors who submit their quality original articles to us by the thousands every day. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to serve as a catalyst for an industry that appears to know no ceiling.

Every single day I hear success stories of authors who land multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts or interview appearances in the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, various TV show producers or countless other high value intangible and tangible economic benefits. For some people, it turns their life around and gives them access to qualified prospects that they couldn’t have afforded to acquire without article marketing.

6. What trends do you currently see in article writing and marketing?

Mass adoptance. Article marketing is no longer a question of “should I or shouldn’t I” engage in the strategy, but rather it is a question of “how many qualified visitors do I want to attract with my articles?”

Shorter articles. The 2000-5000 word articles are better left for white papers and research reports vs. the 250-700 word count that is more appropriate for article syndication.

Tactical planning. In the past, article writing and marketing was a hit or miss activity with very little planning or goal-setting for many authors. Instead, today a growing segment of authors are setting very specific numerical goals for their article writing and distribution strategies – and you can guess what that leads to:


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Article Marketing: Jeff Herring, The Article Guy, Interviews Chris Knight of


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  • Elias

    I must admit that i have not seen much traffic coming from articles, what i have seen however is content distribution and quality back links. Everything starts with your article content, does it educate the reader? Is he/she learning something new?

    • Hi Elias,

      Thank you for visiting again, I know you blog along similar lines to what my blog, and it is really a pleasure having fellow blogger\’s leave comments and pertinent facts to add value to a blog.

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