Strategies When Social Bookmarking

Strategies when Social Bookmarking

Take the time to do Social Bookmarking

By Sean R Mize

The point of social bookmarking is to increase visibility for your content and drive traffic back to you. So, you do have to be careful how you are rated, who comments on your bookmarks, and that you have a popular appeal. If you just create content you think you will like, and never check the demographics of the social bookmarking site you are using, the odds are it won’t rank very high and it will be wasted effort. So, you want to not only social bookmark content, but also create content that is of interest to that particular group.

The steps to increase visibility are as follows:

1. Create your website with content that has a large appeal,

2. Register with, StumbleUpon, and,

3. Bookmark and index all web pages and content you want to submit,

4. Submit to multiple social bookmarking sites to get the widest exposure,

5. Add bookmark buttons to your blogs and other content you want to have people rate,

6. Get people to comment on your bookmarks,

7. Get people to rate your bookmarks,

8. Share your bookmarks on other social networking sites by posting the links or through news feeds to your circle of friends,

9. Rate and discuss other friend’s bookmarks,

10. Automate the process, if possible.

One of the ways to automate bookmarking is by using a third party tool like You do have to be careful when signing up for products that allow you to automate the process because you don’t want to be labeled a spammer. Avoid using any software or third party that promises to bookmark your content on more than 40 sites with one click. You aren’t really interested in spamming the web as much as generating bookmarks that attract attention, ratings, and discussions.

You can bookmark anyone’s content, it doesn’t have to be your own. The idea is to build a portfolio of interesting content and have people check out your profiles that lead them back to your sites. Of course, you will also be submitting your own sites, but if that’s all you do it may look obviously self-promoting.

If you don’t have interesting content of your own to post, avoid claiming someone else’s content as your own. That’s known as plagiarism and it can get you banned on a lot of social networking sites. So, always give credit where credit is due and some of that prestige will ultimately rub off on you.

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Thought for today: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” – Thomas Edison

5 comments to Strategies When Social Bookmarking

  • Simon

    Hi Joan, Interesting post. I want to start doing this for a numbe of technical websites like plumbing sites for example Bristo Plumber Now and other local "trade sites". I dont want my posts to be random and irrelevant to the social bookmarking site I use. which would you use? Also can you recommend a good guide/online course for social medai marketing for local businesses.

    Thanks a lot or as we say in Bristol UK – Cheers me dear!
    My recent post Emergency plumbers in Bristol – Leaking pipes 1

    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for your comment, going local is the way to go and using Facebook which is the most popular at the moment, you can achieve the local feel by naming your page Bristol XYZ.

      Currently on Facebook you can find Jo Barnes (originally UK now living in Australia) who steps you through the whole process. Here is her link to her page in facebook to get a feel of what she offers, !/freefanpaget… – it is insightful and directs you on how to start up a page for business, after you have registered a personal page, but don't worry she takes you through everything. When you are all set up and ready to go, facebook offers very localized advertising (needless to say you can also link a Twitter account through to read on your fb account).

      If you are on Firefox grab the add on tool Yoono for your side bar, you can have this streaming whilst you work and answer questions, or put feed back in comments passed in Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn etc. all in one place.

      LinkedIn is exceptionally good for business building contacts, just adhere to their rules then look for business' in Bristol, type in and search for local and then send out invitations to become friends. When you sign up fill in as much detail about yourself as possible. This may feel a bit slower than the abovementioned, but really stands you in good stead working into the future.

  • Thanks for sharing this my friend..:) I am glad to learn about this.Gonna bookmark your blog!Keep it up:)

    Best Regards

    Online Marketing Consulting
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  • Shanna Beaman

    Hello Joan, Thank you for your insight on bookmarking. I learn something new everytime I visit your site. For those wanting information on driving traffic to their site and build a list of interested individuals, I suggest they sign up for your list building information.
    My recent post Harness The Power Of Goal Setting

  • Robby Nagele

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