Mobile Marketing is the future.

Why are Google trying to catch up in Mobile? Mobile Marketing of Course.

Take a look here

And Africa – where I love to live

Japan is about 5 years ahead of everyone else in the world the trends indicate 85% of users are on Mobile Marketing.

Only 5% of the world – outside of Japan use the Mobile Marketing (Mobile Internet), and most of the 5% are the ‘Big Boys’ in marketing, these are just some of the facts.

This is the last weekend to think about joining the Mobile Marketing Step by Step Course – kick off is Monday 9th May! This will never be repeated again, (not sure you might have to visit his site and see). My experience – Dan Hollings is a brilliant Marketer and Teacher and he sure teaches you a lot in mobile marketing courses.

Facebook is already into Mobile a large percentage is already activated, are You ready and waiting for new Clients with their credit cards ready to purchase? Mobile Marketing is where Facebook are headed these two applications are merging!

Visit the iTunes store and take a look and you will see Facebook is the number one download. If you had Mobile marketing knowledge you could already be selling to this audience.

Internet and a new wave of Blogging, starting all over again – difference is a smaller screen, your customers are already there, ready and waiting! Mobile marketing is the Future.

Business owner’s this is not an option, the younger generation is Mobile and Mobile Marketing is the next step into the future. People are looking to be interactive via mobile and if you are not there, somebody else will benefit by you delaying the inevitable.

Marketers need to be early in the wave of change to make it count and learn how to bridge the gap, only the ‘big boys’ are playing in the mobile marketing field at the moment.

Take a look at the news today and headline after headline is spelling out the number of consumers converting to Smart-phones. People are buying cars based on whether it has got Wi-Fi, and all the cool Mobile Phone stuff built in, imagine mobile marketing to Mums, Dads and Children in the car on their way home!

Growth in the past five years has been reported at a growth rate of 5000% – cell phone sales are 96% up – last quarter 417 Million mobile phones sold world-wide, 20% are Smart-phones and 80% are normal cell phones, but that does not matter.

Stores such as Macey’s offer you to check in on arrival and you obtain a discounted price by just checking in. Communities that do not have access to a PC or Laptop do have a cell phone for communications.

Big Business’ are in the game, 1 Billion in sales on Amazon in the last year alone, and eBay 1.5 Billion in sales this year.

Big business is training your customers to be aware of mobile marketing, whether you are a consultant, marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger – it makes no difference! People are buying ‘here, there and everywhere’ on their mobile phones, so you don’t have to train them – they are already doing it.

Mobile buyers are more willing to buy than internet buyers – in fact they are 3 times more willing to spend than the people online and average about 7.4% higher in number, now is the time to start branching out into mobile marketing, and keep other activities still running, the big thing is to start making the move across now before it is too late.

Mobile Marketing is NOW, not tomorrow, next week, next year it is Today!

Join Dan’s Step-by-Step Mobile course I joined Mobile Success Formula, Click here to visit this site
and will let you know more in the near future. Dan is King of Marketing and an Expert in Mobile Marketing!

Text Messages do not need a smart-phone it will be received on any phone. Local pizza guy could send out a text message with a discount code for a particular special to phone on his list. This could change an outlet from slow business into a booming business and it is called mobile marketing.

It is instant, unlike an email that might be seen today or maybe tomorrow – instant messaging goes hand in hand with instant sales no matter where you live in the world. Bloggers take a step in the right direction now to get started with mobile marketing.


Thought for the day: “The more you say, the less people remember.” Francois Fenelon

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