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What is ZMOT  or Google “Zero Moment of Truth”?

ZMOT Zero Moment of Truth

Blog Business and Google ZMOT

It is getting to know the mindset of Consumers. When they purchase, where the purchase will be made. How information is gained prior purchasing, and how  modern consumers think.

The modern Shopper today will search the web. Gain as much knowledge on an article, prior to making a purchase for online and offline products.

Surfing around on the web for pricing, coupons, discount and availability. Purchase is made with confidence.  ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth is the point in time when a decision has been reached to make the purchase.

Armed with information on the product and brand,  the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ is when a product makes it onto a shopping list. Shops listed with an item are found via maps, so add a map if possible.

When products make a happy customer,  news ultimately gets shared going viral to other consumers. Video added to sites assist consumers in making their choice.

In the ‘old’ days’ sharing over the back wall to a neighbour or in an office, talking was what gave good products momentum in sales. Soap powder for washing, a lawn mower, family car, positive comments made positive sales.

The difference is summed up in the following quote mentioned.

“When consumers hear about a product today, their first reaction is “let me search online for it.”
And so they go on a journey of discovery: about a product, a service, an issue, an opportunity.
Today you are not behind your competition. You are not behind the technology. You are behind your consumer.” ・ Rishad Tobaccowala – Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer ・VivaKi

A new product launch, an event no matter what the consumer sees in this day and age, you can be rest assured they will go online via a mobile, PC, iPad, Laptop to check the details, price and availablity.
Todays average consumer will make a decision after looking at, at least ten different sources, make sure you are one of them, take some time to read ZMOT “Zero Moment of Truth” to help your blog business.

This is the where marketing is happening, Google now call this ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth.

  • Picture a busy parent rushing through their daily tasks, still needing to get to purchase medication for the family. Sitting with a couple of minutes to spare for school to come out, searches via mobile phone for the closest outlet carrying the product and price.
  • Office staff routinely source suppliers of ink cartridges, paper and office supplies used regularly, checking pricing, availablity, when delivery will be made.
  • Travel or holidays, scan the towns you stopping over at for good, clean, cheap accommodation before even arriving at you destination.
  • Avid cyclist looking to purchase a new bike, previews what is on offer via video reviews on a mobile phone.
  • Lonely, looking for a partner, many use dating services online to meet their soul mates.

Shoppers today are motivated to take charge of their indentity and the well being of their family and home.

ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth, is when you grab the device putting you in touch with whatever you are searching for!

Stats indicate Americans before purchasing a product, 70% will review online.
79% use a smart-phone to assist with shopping and 83% do online reviews after seeing TV advertisements on products that caught their interest.
Consumers with busy lifestyles have adapted to decision making in todays world by surfing the web.

Extract from “Googles Zero Moment of Truth”  ZMOT ebook

  • The buying decision journey has changed. Zero Moment of Truth is a vital new addition to the classic three-step process of stimulus, shelf, experience.
  • What was once a message is now a conversation. Shoppers today find and share their own information about products, in their own way, on their own time.
  • Word of mouth is stronger than ever. For the first time in human his­tory, word of mouth is a digitally archived medium.
  • No MOT is too small. If consumers will do research online for houses and health care, they’ll also do it for Band-Aids and ballpoint pens.
  • The MOTs are meeting. Our mobile devices are MOT machines. As mobile usage grows, the zero, first and second moments of truth are converging.

If you’re a marketer, a CEO, a sales rep, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this eBook on marketing strategies and the Zero Moment of Truth will help you understand this shift in the marketing landscape and show you the strategies it takes to win.

Learn how to help save the consumer time, money and improve their lifestyles becoming return visitors to your Blog Business by using the guidance given in Google ZMOT, Zero Moment of Truth.

Get your copy of “Zero Moment of Truth “ebook by clicking on the link here,  or copy and paste this link into your browser and enjoy.


Thought for today: “Conditions often disguise strategies for escaping accountability. Why not just take charge and create the experience your are looking for? – Eric Allenbaugh

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