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The Daily Gangster, an insiders opinion.

Perhaps it’s difficult to find reasons not to love everything at the Daily Gangster, but none-the-less I shall try to inform you based on my participation as a member.

First off, this is a membership type site that will likely be of benefit to you if you manage a business, you’re a home business, a marketer or maybe you’re starting a business. Just for clarity, the Daily Gangster only promotes software for marketing, how-to training programs, books, seminars & events and other things that a marketer might need for their business.

It’s somewhat obvious why it’s called The Daily Gangster and the motif of the platform suggests you’ll find deals (or what they call Heists) so good you’ll feel like you stole them.

Whatever you might buy there is fully authorized for sale by the item or product merchants, experts and gurus. In every way, the site stays true to it’s motto, because everything I’ve purchased at the Daily Gangster is 50% to 90% off genuine retail prices. This is a true find for businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers.

As is the case with anything that looks too good to be true, there are several precautions we must warn you about. Top of the list is No refunds or returns. Hard to believe but true…

Yes, no refunds on any of the tools or programs you decide to buy from the site. At first, that was a big hurdle in my mind, but quite frankly you have to think through the pros and cons. I mean, I can invest in these exact same products elsewhere for no discount and perhaps get a limited guarantee or whatever, or I can save money and buy everything at 50% off or better.

What do I suggest? Buy with eyes wide open. If you know you sorta need something and it looks like a good deal… do it. If you’re not sure, skip it until a better deal is posted. There’s a new deal every day.

If you use the Daily Gangster smart, you will make out like a gangster. By combining the deep discounts the Daily Gangster offers with the various incentives and virtual cash bonuses you will earn by recommending fellow friends & thugs, it’s even possible to get things without spending a nickel.

Read all about it, Press release 1 and Press Release 2

I think the Daily Gangster deserves 5 out of 5 stars. Shot over to you by Gangster Joan Stewart AKA – Luciana Vitale


Thought for today: “Level with me, Rubes is what we all have to have, this is the Real McCoy!” Luciana Vitale

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