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Durban Marketing Guru, Fran Piggot “Breathes Oxygen into your Marketing”

Hello to 2012/2013, would you believe BlogBizBuzz has now officially been online for three years and I thought I had some pretty good business plans, (well that is what I thought).

Then I attended a Workshop where I learned from The Marketing Guru – Fran Piggott, just how to take my whole online business even one step further.

Want to Increase Your Profits in Any Economic Climate? Here’s How! Answer some questions Fran will ask you before going any further.

  1. Is your business stagnating?
  2. Can’t see a method to attract new customers?
  3. Are your sales figures in the same place as they were twelve months ago, or even lower?
  4. Not sure who to ask for help?

All too often, we get stressed to a point of being unable to think clearly about how to move our business forward. Just leaving you feeling isolated with no clear sense of direction, like a small boat running the big blue seas with no fresh ideas to move forward. Having your own business is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever take on, for many business owners, the reality is very different to the idea, it might be time for a reality check.

Are you unsure of your next step. If your business isn’t growing, do you know what’s stopping you from expanding your distribution list, or increasing your sales by using your current established client base?

During tough times like these, business owners tend to focus more intently on cutting costs, rather than on activities like Marketing to grow their sales. Truth is, it does not matter how great your business idea or product is, it will fail without a well-established MARKETING STRATEGY designed to get your message noticed by your audience, clients or possible customers to increase your profits.

Most businesses get lost on the sea to success because they don’t know HOW to get there. Your marketing strategy is your navigational guide to achieve business success, it needs to be relevant and effective.

What you will accomplish by attending The Marketing Guru Workshop and here are 8 key distinctions which will make you a Winner

  • Self manage yourself productively
  • Understand how to analyse your sales, customers, products, sales staff performance, attrition rate and debtors.
  • Research the market trends, market positioning, demographics, market wants and competition.
  • Redefine your target market, segment and build a sales funnel of qualified prospects.
  • Understand how to set your sales targets, allocate sales ratios for your products and sales staff, staff incentives.
  • Determine your product offering and pricing.
  • Boost your sales quickly with an up-sell, cross-sell, resell and packaging products and services, joint ventures, continuity products.
  • Understand the keys to selling and your marketing mix.
  • Promote your products or services through various distribution channels.
  • Set-up an annual marketing campaign plus monthly implementation.

If your strategy is out-of-touch or non-existent, Fran Piggott – The Marketing Guru has the solution to your problem.

As an experienced Marketing Strategist, she has helped many small business owners and professionals overcome obstacles to business growth and re-discover their passion for their business. Fran’s years of hands-on experience means that her strategies and tools are well-researched, proven, and relevant to present-day market conditions.

With Fran’s guidance and ongoing assistance, you will be able to select from a range of Marketing Guru tools and techniques, placing you firmly back on the map no longer lost to sea. Seclect from expert one-on-one sessions or attend one of the small group workshops.

Whatever your marketing needs, let The Marketing Guru help you to understand how to analyse your sales, set your sales targets, and successfully promote your products or services to achieve your goals.

Developing an effective marketing strategy requires a combination of business know-how and innovative thinking. Working with Fran, you will establish a tailor-made Marketing Strategy Blueprint and Action Plan designed to grow your business, TODAY and into the future.

South African’s living in Durban or the surrounding area this is for you. Here is the link to put your business sailing into the sunset of success with a smile on your face contact The Marketing Guru – Fran Piggott for more information.

My recommendation of the year 2011/2, I have grown in leaps since attending a workshop, having some undivided attention and sharing with a group who keep contact. Going into 2013 some exciting new training has been developed for Personnel Assistants and Marketing Co Ordinators at The Marketing Guru


Thought for Today: “Beware of your inbox, it is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas. Your goal is to always keep the main thing, the main thing in your life, whatever it may be. Focus today. Use your psychology, physiology, productivity and persuasion skills to amplify your energy and results. It is your time. Today: Live, Love, Matter.” Brendon Burchard

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