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Pinning Your Way To Fame With Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you are able to organize and share the things you love. “To the list of weird-sounding hybrid words of the digital age, like Googling and tweeting, we can now add “pinning.” As in Pinterest. It’s sort of an online scrapbook or bulletin board, and it’s one of the fastest-growing websites in history.”

Pinterest is ‘visual communication’ it is astonishingly easy to use achieving some amazing results! This extraordinary tool that allows you to showcase products from cup cakes to power tools.

To enhance your online marketing sales by integrating, optimizing and syndication, Pinterest is great for content curation, enabling exhibits of your products.

People love images connecting in uniquely visual ways, an image can say a thousand words.

Imagery that is able to educate in the form of infographics is another popular way used to obtain exposure.

Pinterest allows its users to share ‘pins’ on both Twitter and Facebook

Integrating Pinterest with Facebook using an app on the Facebook Tab buttons is a powerful way to link the two social media platforms. Using a Pinterst Tab you can create a completely functional page of Pinterest into Facebook right down to the “Follow Me”.

Just remember the ‘Follow Me’ button will take the visitor off of your Facebook Page to Pinterest, depending on what you wish to achieve, plan where you would like your visitor to go.

Think along the lines of a catalogue of your products in Pinterest presented in Facebook, enticing people to go deeper into your traffic circle, or obtain a ‘like’ or ‘pin’ your product inside of Facebook.

Inside Pinterest you are able to re-pin someone else’s images to your own board, you can also like or comment on an image, this is great eye catching pins means by sharing images become viral.

Someone likes your picture and re-pins it to their board, in turn your picture is seen by the community of the re-pinned picture, attracting more people to find out what else you have to offer.

Where do you find the app to do this? Facebook – Pinterest then ‘Go to the app’,

The traffic circle you are able to create between Pinterest and Facebook alone is tremendous. In addition to the other ways of communicating with people.

The bottom line is people want to be part of a community depending on the business. Where will they find you Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn each serve a purpose.

Facebook is for community building, Twitter is fast and furious, LinkedIn is like the ‘big dad’  in being a little more professional. Pinterest is capturing every aspect of human emotion, by using these social media services. By pitching You Tube in as well, you are able to target your traffic and obtain more exposure.

Pinterest is linked to both Facebook and Twitter, Twitter connects directly to LinkedIn, placing You Tube videos into the mix and driving them back to the visual – Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/You Tube/LinkedIn effectively creating a circle that leads to more traffic, exposure and ultimately money.

Before you open your new Social Media account know what or who you are going to target. Know your customers wants, needs and desires. Knowing the benefits of your product how to solve the problem, sprinkling keywords into the comment area with the URL included will assist customers to find the answers.

The right keywords as always no matter which social media system you using, gives you the Search Engine Optimization you need. Pintiquette the do’s and don’t guide.

Before starting out decide which of the following you are going to use:-

Personal as in your real name, personal description and personal links.
Business using business name, business description and business links.
Niche taking your personal or pen name, niche description and niche links.

When you first sign up to Pinterest, either your Twitter or Facebook profile picture and content will show, you can alter this and have what you are wishing to place into your profile.

It makes good sense to have as many ways to attract folk to you and your products by a variety of social media tools. Not everyone likes Twitter, some folk don’t like Facebook, but love Pinterest, this is very much a case of ‘different strokes for different folks’.

Pinterest images

Using the right information, in other words ‘keywords’ in your pictures/images correctly. When people type in words to search what they are looking for this assists Google to direct them to the places where these words are found. Always think of the big picture. Create images that inspire reaction, nice borders make it enticing.

Take a look at User demographics happening with Pinterest.


Thought for today: “Launching a mobile campaign is rewarding because when it’s mobile… people talk” Jared Reitzin – Mobile Storm, Inc CEO

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