7 Powerful Tactics for Backlinks and SEO

A Trick in building one way links to your site naturally for SEO purposes.

SEO To Actively Grow

Powerful Backlinking Strategies Gaining SEO Juice Naturally

1. Do not add more than 50 high quality links in a day, by posting comments on sites that are similar to your niche, who have accomplished a ranking. Remember the anchor text you use obtaining links from places with high authority is very important.

Linking to High quality sites makes your backlink more valuable adding more Page Rank (PR) juice and authority to your site.  You need to make sure that you are placing links on “Do-Follow” sites – search engines will give you link juice to your blog. “Don’t you just Luv comments!”

2. “Do Follow Forums” – This is a pleasurable way of getting FREE Backlinks, you add a meaningful comment, and meet with ‘like minded’ people. Most forums are “Do-Follow” and allow you to leave a link to your site in your signature at the bottom of each post you make.  Just make sure you find niche related forums to your site, and that you are adding value within your comments.  This is also an easy way to get many links back to your site, because the more quality posts made by you the more one way links. Say you add a new site to your signature and you have 1000 posts, then you gained and just added a 1000 links to that URL – call that Momentum or what…

3. Blog Commenting – Presenting a comment on ‘Do-Follow’ blogs is a very easy and FREE method people have been using for years.  Just make sure you are commenting on relevant blogs and don’t spam (Psst: That Means Signing with a Real Name & Site).  Add value with your remark and add your opinion to the subject.  Don’t forget about using trackbacks. (A link from a web site to another web site which references its content.)

4. Directories – Apply this correctly and reap the rewards ending up on the front page of the Serps in no time.  Directories are great because you get to leave a brief description of your site then it’s placed in an applicable category which gives you a very authoritative link back.  Some are FREE – many cost money for a ‘do-follow link’, but usually worth it.  I’ve also noticed many of them are now doing the whole swap link exchange as well if you don’t want to pay.

5. Social Bookmarking sites – Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard social bookmarking is a way to get TONS of free traffic, exposure and authority but it’s another great way to get one way links.  You get to add a description of the site or post and a link to it.

Now there is always a debate over which bookmarking sites are ‘do-follow’ but I’ve found some good sites below that pretty much got it right and even if you don’t get any link-juice, then you’ll still get a good deal of traffic from them if bookmarked correctly and with worthy content like from Digg, StumbleUpon and AOL News.

6. Submitting your RSS Feeds – Many people find your blogs from reading your feeds (short description of your post) they find the info on various feed directories.  Make sure you are careful to make sure you don’t submit the same feed too many times to the same site.  Some automatic feed services like Ping-o-Matic and Pingoat send to the same sites or search engines.  If you need more info on RSS Feeds go here – What is RSS?
I would definitely encourage joining an automated feed and post service, then add your feed URL to some of the feed directories.  Some are ‘do-follow’ and some are not, try them out!

7. Reciprocal Links – Exchanging links with other pertinent sites has always been very big but not as powerful as it used to be ever since Google cracked down on the Linkjuice from this method a few years ago.  It still works great and is a ‘must do’ in SEO tactics to out rank your competition in similar niches.  The best way I’ve found to find similar websites to do this method is by joining forums, usually they’ll have a section for this or by doing some inquiry in the search engines.

Another solid pointer, make sure you also use HubPages and Squidoo because they really don’t fall under anything above they are more conceived as internet tools, web 2.0 website or community websites.  You’ll find they both work very well for your SEO needs.  The 7 Ways on how to get Effective Backlinks above are not in any particular order.

Oh before I forget… I wanted to mention don’t forget about “Link Baiting” (creating content just to receive backlinks) that is seriously a very powerful method as well, and Guest Posting (creating posts for other relevant blogs).  If you got something to add then let me know, make some Luv Comments. Make sure you are using a few or all of the methods mentioned above and you will soon be getting more traffic and PR than imagined! That raps up 7 Powerful Ways to get the Most out of Backlinks and SEO for now.


Thought for Today: “Fear is a little darkroom where negatives are developed”. – Michael Pritchard