Mailing List – Ezines & Newsletters

List Building Overview – Rate Your System:

Actively Delivering Mailing Lists

Mailing List – Ezines & Newsletters

4 Ways to Build a List – These are the 4 Methods

1.     Ezines and Newsletters

2.     Personal List, Affiliate and Mixed Content

3.     Personal List and Ad Content

4.     Ad List

Deciding to utilize one of these four methods to start out with let’s try to drill down and see which mailing list will suite our business requirements best.

Try using a (*) Star system where 5 ***** is good if maintained and 1 * is bad, difficult, time consuming. (Psst.. Remember You can sign up on the right hand side and get the free e-book and overview to read at your leisure.)

Ezines & Newsletters:

Un-Subscribe Rate ****    Good content = Low unsubscribe rate. Time lapse adding good information or content this can go downhill fast!  Becomes an advertising list and trust is broken = unsubscribe rate will rapidly increase.

Subscription Rate ****    Content is King = becomes viral your subscription rate could increase. It is difficult to persuade people of the quality you offer, so prove to your visitors you are – what you say you are.

Ad Income *****    Excellent steady income; don’t over do it and lose subscribers. Compare to other lists you own where you don’t sell ads.

JV Circle **    Two stars – Why? You already selling ads and JV’s or Ad swaps you are currently involved with other marketers and may reflect the cost at which you sell your ads.  Personal non-public lists are more desirable and are likely to hold more value when put the list on the bargaining table. Joint Venture Affiliate Promotions; income may be made here via a free ad for a percentage of profits. You own a good list and an ad costs low enough, promoters may opt-in just to buy the ad and bypass the need to pay you a percentage of each sale.

Response Rate Over Time ***    Stats vary depending on if your subscribers are interested or not. Freebies = List of non spenders – do not use too many! This will have a negative effect on your profits.  This applies to outside ads that people may have no interest in. Selling the wrong ‘stuff’ to the ‘wrong’ list
could be bad for your subscriber base.

Research/Surveys/Testimonials ***    Handy to get important info from subscribers. Find out what your subscribers want and need. Third party ads can be a distraction – if your content is good and people read and continue to read, this is prime research material. Downside is this is it is not as personal as other list types and may bring in a lower response.

Maintenance Time *    Must be well written with a balance of adverts in the content. Takes a lot of time and hard work, can be fruitful if you enjoy writing.

Definition of the list……………………… Defined as a list of people you have gathered and are sending useful information related to your target market regularly, along with a selection of ads for both your products and other peoples products and affiliate programs. That is a brief description of Ezines and Newsletters using a rating system, so next time we will look at another method that could be used.


Thought for today: “In the absence of clearly defined goals we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.” – Unknown